Thar Be Dragons

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20 August 2016
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From Bad to Worse

13 January 2013 | Indiantown Florida
Sunday January 13th 2013

The last few days have been very uneventful. On Wednesday I put my last coat of epoxy on the coach roof and it started to rain (no rain in forecast) we tried to cover it up but as soon as water hits it its done, the next day Thursday I accessed the damage only to find out I had to remove it all, while I worked on this Todd sanded the rest of the toe kick and got it ready for a coat of varnish, completed that and then I went back to removing the epoxy with a heat gun. Todd decided to give the cap rail on the front part of the boat a coat of varnish. Friday morning after coffee Todd went to start his day he came back in and was pale he said the varnish he put on on the front of the boat turned white (caused from the dew) so the weather was not looking good so we took a Todd & Sherry day and went to Stuart Fl. and did some shopping of goodies for the boat (it rained till 1:00 pm) good call. On Saturday after trying many different things Todd borrowed another heat gun, and as a team we attacked the cap rail got it stripped and sanded much to Todd’s amazement as well as re-taped all ready for round 2. Todd made a great dinner for me last night (chicken Parmesan & pasta) cause he said that I help him fix his screw up. He also did the dishes ( what a man ). See picture Hopefully Sunday will be a better day.
Vessel Name: Thar be Dragons
Vessel Make/Model: 1983 42' Vagabond
Hailing Port: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Crew: Todd & Sherry
Todd use to dream about sailing to get away from the rat race of the everyday life of work, work and more work. [...]
This blog will take you into our adventure and will tell you more about us, and since most of you already know us it will be my job to keep this Blog as interesting as possible so you keep coming back. We will spend five months each year(winter) for the time being and sail around to different [...]

Who: Todd & Sherry
Port: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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