Thar Be Dragons

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20 August 2016
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Rainy Days

04 January 2014 | Indiantown Marina Florida
Sherry & 19 degrees Celcius
The boat work continues. We have both been very busy and have accomplished so much over the past few days. I have stripped and sanded the intire cockpit and as well as the last two hatches, done a few loads of laundry some grocery shopping and a few other little odds and sods. In the mean time Todd has fixed the fiberglass on the Rudder, sanded and preped the prop for prop speed , changed the oil, hooked up a new bilge pump cause the other one gave up, but it was still under warranty so that was a good thing.
Due to the fact the weather has took a turn for the worse it is not only cold but it is raining so our outside work is on hold, which is ok because we have plenty of inside work to do. Todd started to fix the floor in the galley and do some varnish touich ups (which I must say looks pretty good)
We have noticed the the price of groceries have gone up substantially since last year but booze is still cheap. Oh well more booze less food lol.

Vessel Name: Thar be Dragons
Vessel Make/Model: 1983 42' Vagabond
Hailing Port: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Crew: Todd & Sherry
Todd use to dream about sailing to get away from the rat race of the everyday life of work, work and more work. [...]
This blog will take you into our adventure and will tell you more about us, and since most of you already know us it will be my job to keep this Blog as interesting as possible so you keep coming back. We will spend five months each year(winter) for the time being and sail around to different [...]

Who: Todd & Sherry
Port: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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