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Almost margarita time

31 January 2014 | Indiantown marina
Friday January 24
it's been awhile since I have written a blog, we have been very busy putting the final touches on the boat and getting all the stuff off of it that you collect over a period of time and you can't really figure out why. We have finally completed al the varnish work on the outside and the cockpit. The at the last minute Todd decided we could not go another season without doing the cabin sole so we stripped and sanded and sanded some more then put the final coat on, it took 24 hrs to where the cat could walk on it but 48 hrs for us, now that was tough, kitty was such a good sport but starting to get agitated as she thinks there is just no place for her here as everywhere she goes she ends up getting moved. 
The finish on the floor is a gloss and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it for a number of reasons, first it would be slippery and second you would see all the dust and dirt, I would be cleaning the cabin sole numerous times a day. It turns out that it is less slippery then what we had on there before and as for cleaning it's all good, it is very easy just to wipe down once a day ( only takes a couple minutes) with a damp cloth and I don't mind.
With the cabin sole done I couldn't leave the companionway stairs the was they were so I pulled them out stripped and sanded those and finished them in a gloss finish as well and then we added a few strips of 3/4" nonslip to each step for safety and they look great. We have been getting nothing but compliments on the boat. When we left the Indiantown Marina we were going under a 55' bridge on the St. Lucie canal and a women was on the bridge riding her bike and she yelled down to us saying I love your boat do you want to sell it. We both looked at each other and it got really quite in the cockpit.
Our first night at anchor was truly amazing it was so tranquil, we anchored right across from Sunset bay marina in Stuart in 8' of water and it was so calm, there wasn't even a ripple in the water. Now that we have left the marina (which we fully enjoy) let the holidays begin.
Vessel Name: Thar be Dragons
Vessel Make/Model: 1983 42' Vagabond
Hailing Port: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Crew: Todd & Sherry
Todd use to dream about sailing to get away from the rat race of the everyday life of work, work and more work. [...]
This blog will take you into our adventure and will tell you more about us, and since most of you already know us it will be my job to keep this Blog as interesting as possible so you keep coming back. We will spend five months each year(winter) for the time being and sail around to different [...]

Who: Todd & Sherry
Port: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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