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Drink faster were sinking

31 January 2014 | Indiantown marina
Saturday January 25. Drink Faster Were Sinking
I get up to go to the little girls room and decide Hmm I wonder what time it is, as I step out of the washroom into the galley I step into over an inch of water on the floor. That's right water on the floor. Immediately my heart starts to race like a thoroughbred that just ran the Kentucky Derby. In panic I yell Todd the boats full of water, Todd flies out of bed and makes his way to the starboard side of the boat (right) to turn the bilge pump on ( he turned it off last night cause it kept recycling the water in the hose) I get on the Manuel bilge pump I'm pumping and pumping and pumping some more, my arms feel like there on fire, it doesn't look like the water level is going down, so I quickly run out front and turn the forward bilge on as well (it's on Manuel no automatic) now that's pumping as well (Damn all our rum is floating). I run back and getting back onto the manual bilge and start pumping thinking to myself S##T Were going to sink at the docks,, just then the water levels start to go down. 
We get all the water out and then the bilge pump continues to run every few minutes. I clean up the mess which was confined to the galley as we have a 3" drop in the galley floor over the rest of the boat (thank god)
So now I'm awake and by this time it's only 04:15 hrs my heart slows down to a normal pace "I'm going to live whoop whoop" so I make some coffee. Caffeine, yes just what I need. Todd and I sit trying to figure out what the ___ just happened and where the water was coming in from we thought maybe one of the water tanks had a crack in the seam but the water tanks were ran dry last night so that's not it. Todd decides he has to go lay down to his heart will slow down (typical man lol) how can you lay down at a time like this I'm thinking to myself. An hour later Todd gets up and has a coffee as we sit there and rack our brains on what is going on. As we sit on the settee on the port side (left) we listen for the bilge pump nothing it's not running all is good so we thought. We start to move around the boat and the bilge pump starts going off again??? When West Marine opens (it's now Sunday) Todd goes and buys another new Bilge Pump to replace this one that he just bought a week prior and installed on the hard, thinking its faulty. New Bilge pump installed all appears normal. The bilge goes off a few times that day pumping water from the low lying areas in the boat that has trickled down to the bilge pump.
That evening were sitting on the settee having dinner and a drink talking about the rude awakening we had and how nice it is not to hear the bilge running. We go to bed as soon as we go to bed the bilge starts to kick in and out every few minutes again, yet when we were sitting on the settee it never ran, so Todd grabs his pillow and said he was going to go lay on the settee and if the bilge stopped running he would sleep there so he leaves the brand new 450 thread count sheets and spa pillows we just bought and goes out to the settee. As he's laying there he notices that the bilge pump is no longer going off so he says I think this boat hates me. The next morning we start to tear things apart trying to figure out where the water is coming in, Todd keeps saying its just the water in the hose that doesn't get pumped off and it drains back into the bilge (I think he doesn't want me to worry). We fill the water tanks and as soon as we do this the water starts to flow in again and the bilge starts to run every 30 seconds so we quickly empty the water tanks. And so I asked him to enlighten me and remove the pump out of the Blige and we can see where the water is coming in and how fast so we do this and the water starts to slowly run out of the bilge hose in case it's not the water tanks. While it's draining Todd goes and gets a few hose clamps to put the hoses back onto the water tanks, when he leaves the boat I notice the water starts to flow a little faster through the bilge pump hose then it stops, and when he comes back on board it starts to come in through the hose again. Eric the yard foreman comes on board and I noticed that when there standing on the starboard side of the boat the water is pouring in through the bilge pump hose they move to the port side and it stops running, it turns out that we have to much beer, rum and food on board. Even though we distributed it evenly and we were sitting level, as we filled our water tanks it added more weight to the boat lowering our waterline causing water to flow in through the bilge pump hose and every time there was more weight on the starboard side the water would come in so we put a check valve in the bilge pump hose and all is good we just have to drink lots and eat lots to bring the waterline up.
The other option is we could empty one of our water tanks and fill it up with beer and then we would have beer on tap.
Vessel Name: Thar be Dragons
Vessel Make/Model: 1983 42' Vagabond
Hailing Port: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Crew: Todd & Sherry
Todd use to dream about sailing to get away from the rat race of the everyday life of work, work and more work. [...]
This blog will take you into our adventure and will tell you more about us, and since most of you already know us it will be my job to keep this Blog as interesting as possible so you keep coming back. We will spend five months each year(winter) for the time being and sail around to different [...]

Who: Todd & Sherry
Port: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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