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20 August 2016
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Oh how we love the Bahamas

04 February 2014 | Lucaya Bahamas

We made the crossing and for us I would have to say it was the toughest yet, we did not have big seas 3'-4'seas with the occasional 5' but they were right on the nose.
We left at 08:45 hrs on Saturday Feb 01 and arrived at 12:30 am on Sunday morning. We anchored out until 09:00 hrs waiting for high tide so we could enter the marina. Once inside we found out that we could not check in with Customs & Immigration there, that we had to go to Port Lucaya which is 1.5 miles down the coast so off we go. Once inside the entrance we contacted the marina made arrangements for Customs & Immigrations and to fuel up not that we needed fuel but the marina we were going to stay at does not have diesel.
Once all the paperwork was done and entry fees paid we decided to stay at this marina (Port Lucaya Marina)it seems like we would definitely be happier here then the other one. This is where they bus everyone from the cruise ships to here right outside the marina gates is where all the shops and entertainment is and straw markets are. We sit in the cockpit of the boat and listen to the music. Kitty is still recouping from the crossing, pour kitty was sooo sea sick, but now that the boat is still she's doing better. We love this marina the staff are friendly and the price is right and we have so much to look at and there is always something happening.
Vessel Name: Thar be Dragons
Vessel Make/Model: 1983 42' Vagabond
Hailing Port: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Crew: Todd & Sherry
Todd use to dream about sailing to get away from the rat race of the everyday life of work, work and more work. [...]
This blog will take you into our adventure and will tell you more about us, and since most of you already know us it will be my job to keep this Blog as interesting as possible so you keep coming back. We will spend five months each year(winter) for the time being and sail around to different [...]

Who: Todd & Sherry
Port: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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