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16 April 2014 | Norfolk Virginia
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Happy Thanksgiving!

28 November 2013 | Norfolk Virginia
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We hope everyone had a wonderful day with lots of good food and those you love all around. We did absolutely no work today. Captain Mike is still recovering from the head cold, coughing and hacking and just generally not feeling well. We did venture out late in the day in search of a Thanksgiving meal and ended up finding it in an unlikely place...a little bar and grill with a patio off the back called Pirate's Patio (go figure that Captain Mike could find this little place in a huge shopping center that we had never been in before). The original plan of turkey and dressing at Golden Corral fell through as we got there just as they were closing. We had an awesome Thanksgiving meal at Otis Bar & Grill and the bonus was that they had the Dallas Cowboy game on (I really miss TV). :)
Captain Mike spent yesterday down in the hull of the jezebel grinding rust and then treating with ospho (acid...yeah, I didn't know either - keeps the rust from coming back). It was dark and cloudy all day yesterday and boy did the sunshine today bring light to all of the rust dust that first mate sureibu is now going to have to clean up off of everything on board. Anyways, this grinding and treating also prepared a few spots for Captain Mike to do some welding tomorrow while I spend the day cleaning up the rust dust (uggghhh). Yahhh, a couple days of welding and then we will need three good weather days to get the outside painted and she will be ready to put in the water. I know, exciting stuff
Vessel Name: jezebel
Vessel Make/Model: 53' Steel Ketch
Hailing Port: Looking for a good one !
Crew: Captain Mike, First Mate sureibu
About: A Mean Ole Captain and an awesome first mate, one more galley wench coming.

The jezebel

Who: Captain Mike, First Mate sureibu
Port: Looking for a good one !