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Can we paint now Captain???

08 December 2013 | Norfolk Virginia
Well I think the time is almost here...PAINTING (or in correct nautical terms - time to do the bottom job on her). Captain Mike has almost completed the welding needed on the jezebel to get her properly clothed (and those are my correct terms). One more day of prep and we will be painting. The problem now will come with the weather...we can only paint when it is 55 degrees or more and we have none of that in the coming forecast. Captain Mike is going to have to erect some type of tent that will hold in some heat to paint; means we have to paint a little at a time but at least we can begin.
The last two days have been totally unproductive as the rain has kept us inside pretty much doing nothing (which means lots of internet game time...yahhhh). We still have rain in the forecast but the chances will be less. I can't even paint on the inside as we are using oil based paint and the fumes from it are almost nauseating and pretty much unbearable without opening her up from front to back.
One more day of rain and the first mate is going to mutiny and go out and find something fun to do. I need to get out and see more of this beautiful state; I think a picture taking trip is called for...and maybe another trip to Pirate's Patio for a beer or two since I happen to know that the Cowboys are playing tomorrow night and what better place to go to watch them???
The picture is Captain Mike welding the intake hole in the engine room. It takes a whole lot of faith in your own ability to cut a hole in the bottom of your boat and weld it back together correctly huh?
Vessel Name: jezebel
Vessel Make/Model: 53' Steel Ketch
Hailing Port: Looking for a good one !
Crew: Captain Mike, First Mate sureibu
About: A Mean Ole Captain and an awesome first mate, one more galley wench coming.

The jezebel

Who: Captain Mike, First Mate sureibu
Port: Looking for a good one !