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16 April 2014 | norfolk
16 April 2014 | Norfolk Virginia
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20 December 2013 | Norfolk Virginia
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Uh time!

20 December 2013 | Norfolk Virginia
We put everything up early today and going to rest for the evening. Almost two weeks ago, Captain Mike somehow injured his right shoulder and has been battling with it every day since. We ran out of oxygen for the torch today about mid-afternoon and had to go into Suffolk for another canister. I noticed him favoring that shoulder more this afternoon than usual and so wasn’t surprised when on the way back to the marina, Captain Mike said we are putting everything away and resting. Being such a dutiful and willing first mate, the Captain certainly got no argument from me. And I know the Captain very well…we will be back hard at it tomorrow and probably harder because of this little break.

Christmas is five days away. I never imagined myself in Norfolk Virginia for Christmas but I intend to make the best of it with as traditional a Christmas dinner as I can muster in this tiny little galley. Shouldn’t be too difficult only cooking it for two and no space for leftovers. We will dine on chicken & dressing and talk about what an awesome Christmas we will have next year somewhere very south of here, surrounded by islands and water.

Yes, that is me in the picture holding the torch to the sheet of metal that is patching three small holes. See…I actually do do more than just walk around taking pictures all day! :)
Vessel Name: jezebel
Vessel Make/Model: 53' Steel Ketch
Hailing Port: Looking for a good one !
Crew: Captain Mike, First Mate sureibu
About: A Mean Ole Captain and an awesome first mate, one more galley wench coming.

The jezebel

Who: Captain Mike, First Mate sureibu
Port: Looking for a good one !