BVI 2022

John, Penni, Hap, Cathy, Stan, Brenda

Day 7 - Anegada to Virgin Gorda

Great sail from Anegada to Virgin Gorda today. Two long tacks upwind and a little motoring into Gorda Sound.
Moored outside the Bitter End Yacht Club. The picture is of Richard Branson’s Necker Island at the entrance to Gorda Sound.

Day 6 - Anegada Beach Club

Beautiful beaches !!!

Day 6 - Anegada (still)

Stayed another night at Anegada and took a taxi to the Anegada Beach Club.
Lunch their was delicious and the painkillers were the best yet.

Day 5 - Loblolly Beach

Day 5 - Anegada

Had a fantastic lobster dinner on the beach and returned to the boat.

Day 5 - Anegada

Took a taxi to Loblolly Beach on the north side of the island. Saw some pink flamingo on the way. Took a walk along the beach and swam a little.

Day 5 - Arrival at Anegada

Successfully navigated the entrance to Anegada. Celebrating our arrival.

Day 5 - Sailing

Day 5 - Virgin Gorda to Anegada

Easterly winds at 10-15 knots so we had an easy fine reach across to Anegada.

Day 4 - Saba Rock

Wonderful dinner at Saba Rock with the crew from Naomi and Flamingo all present.
What a fantastic place ! Fantastic food and service ! Even better company😎