Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy

The Alternator Problem-part 4

The day started early with a bang. And a flash. A thunderstorm surrounded and pummeled us from 3:30 am. The rain hammered the boat for the rest of the night. We put our electronics in the oven and tried to sleep. The first drop of water landed on me at 5 am. I knew I had a very important job now - to track where it was coming from. I studied the new hatch but only 6 drops hit me and they seemed to drop from nowhere. By morning I had clearly failed in my mission with strategically placed tissues still dry. John did not seem concerned- 6 drops after that amount of rain was not a big deal. Who knew? The first order of the day was to ascertain if the pulley for the alternator had arrived. We suspected the mailboat would not have run during the storm so we were surprised when Quentin called to say he was going to the dock to get the pulley. With the rain still lashing down, we stayed on the boat and planned the various trips that will follow this one. We are hoping to see the kids in California before we leave for England mid July. By 1pm, and still no word from Quentin, John called him and was told he would be in the marina in 5 minutes. John went to meet him preparing himself for a long wait and disappointment. He did not have to wait long but he was disappointed if not surprised. The pulley was not on the boat, but should come this afternoon or this evening. We were not going to hold our breath but we were glad that Quentin returned the brand new alternator back to us. How many tomorrow's should we wait for the pulley? We hope it really will come tomorrow but plan to head out to anchorage tomorrow afternoon- perhaps to Hoffman Cay. In the meantime we cycled to the village to pick up some supplies. The rain had stopped and there was enough cloud coverage to make it a pleasant trip. It was probably a three mile round trip with a few hills. I came back and collapsed in a heap. Must work on cardio fitness.... Oh, and pulley did not arrive in the afternoon or evening. Photo from yesterday- Shell beach