Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy

The Alternator Problem- Part 5

John called Quentin the Alternator guy at 10 am. He was very proud that he waited that long. ‘Two minutes’ Quentin told him ‘I’ll be at the marina in two minutes’. There was no mention of whether he had the part or not so we waited impatiently. We ordered breakfast from the little cafe at the marina while we waited. When she said it was fish or chicken soup, it felt rude to say - never mind. So we picked our way around the large and small bones in the fish soup. Have to say, it was delicious and much healthier that pancakes with syrup but would not have been our first choice. John tried calling Quentin at 11:00. No answer. 12:00, no answer. We fiddled about getting little jobs done and then I drew the line in the sand. I knew there was a cave on the island that we had not been to see. I got directions from Kinsley, packed a cooler, put Timmy in the basket and persuaded John to come on a land adventure. He was easily persuaded. We saw Marco just as we were about to leave and he decided to come too. It was nearly 4 miles to the cave and I was a little nervous that I would be fit enough. However, I was not going to let it stop me from going to the cave. We set off along the gently undulating road that developed into a somewhat hilly road. I used Timmy as an excuse to walk up a couple of hills and to stop in the shade for water breaks. After the last hill I felt I could not drink enough water and was beginning to feel a tad sick. I was looking around for options. Timmy was sitting happily in his basket so it was obvious he did not need a longer break. There were a few clouds around but not enough to justify waiting until they hid the sun. I could be honest and just say I could go no further but I opted for ‘how much further?’ John was the most optimistic and Marco was the most honest, but either way, less than half a mile I could do. Turns out it was downhill all the way until we got to a sandy path that led up a small but grueling upward slope to the beach. The view took us by surprise as the turquoise waters contrasted with the grey of the volcanic rock and white sand. I left the guys with Timmy and the bikes and went straight in for a glorious swim. Timmy joined me, and then the guys came in after taking too many pictures of the picturesque beach. When we were finally cool we headed to the end of the beach and round the corner to discover the cave. It was not a deep cave but the view from it was perfect. The cycle home seemed much quicker and I jumped in the shower as soon as we returned. There was still no word from Quentin so John was pleased he had put the old alternator back in and tested the engine. We will make do with the generator until we figure out another plan. Tomorrow we are heading to Hoffman Cay with Greg and Kathy on Happy Destiny. We will go to the north and around the Berry’s to get there. It should be a five hour sail allowing for some time to navigate around the shallows. We will anchor out tomorrow and we have heard there is no cell phone service so it may be a day or two before I can update you on our adventures. Right now I have to get back to my battle with no-see-ums and mosquitos that have been sneaking into our boat since the thunderstorm. Let the games begin!