Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy

Travel without a working alternator

Although we had enjoyed Great Harbor marina immensely, we were ready to continue the adventure, albeit without a working alternator. The plan is to use the generator morning and night to keep the batteries charged. We will keep an eye on the batteries and can even charge them on the go if necessary. Leaving the marina at 7:45 am was made all the easier as we were driven out by no- see-ums. Having kept them out of our boat the night before by having a squishing session before bed, they descended upon us in the morning to get their revenge. We were preparing the boat as usual while swatting as we went. After half an hour I suggested we just go and sort the rest out later. The plan worked and we left them behind as soon as we were moving. We motored for the first hour and as we turned the corner we were able to shut the engine off and enjoy a beautiful sail all the way to Hoffman’s Cay. Dolphins joined us for a few minutes, the islands were stunning and of course the ocean was aqua. Our anchorage is protected by a group of tiny islands, most with beaches. We took Timmy for a walk along the beach and then sat on our boat watching turtles popping their heads up. Not close to the boat but still mesmerizing. Just another day in paradise. Except the no- see- ums drove us into our boat by 6:30. They seem smarter than the last lot, or maybe it’s harder to squish them when your body is glowing. We braved round two at 7:15 as the wind was getting up a bit. What a difference. There were still a few but it was manageable with bug spray. John braved a dive off the bow of the boat and went for a swim to cool off. I watched with interest, but considered it too close to sunset when sharks come out to play. We then settled down with peace and quiet enveloping us