Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy

The Blue Hole Experience

We did not sleep that well last night. John started off in the salon to get the cooler air. I was okay with the front hatch open as the temperature quickly fell from the 90 degrees Fahrenheit as the sun went down. We were grateful for the breeze but it did come at a cost. It was a little bumpy overnight. Nothing that bad, but as it was our first night anchoring I was much more alert than usual. We planned to meet up with Amy and Bruce (SV Inspiration) and Kathy and Greg (SV Happy Destiny) to go and explore the blue hole on the island. We shared our sleepless night experiences and cursed the no-see-ums as we took two dinghies around the island to another small beach. From there, we walked through a narrow scrub lined path that twisted and turned up a small hill. The bushes were taller than us, so all we could see was the path ahead. We were grateful for the shade. Ten minutes later and the scrub cleared at the top of a rocky cliff revealing the blue hole. It was a stunning sight. The hole was not the emerald blue of the one we saw at Great Harbor, but it was striking as it was surrounded by cliffs. Apparently some people choose to dive from this cliff, but because we are older and wiser we took another small path which let down to a craggy inlet at the side of the blue hole. We all (including Timmy) jumped or dove in from here. The temperature was warm with a little refreshment. Perfect for wimps like me. The water was salt water which made it super easy to float. And float we did, for around an hour. We were the only ones there. Timmy loved it. He could get himself in and out of the water. When he got tired he hitched a ride on me, and then Kathie, who took it very well. After a siesta, we all went to Kathie and Greg’s boat for a pot luck dinner. We were very lucky because we traded cheese and crackers, with salmon for a delicious taco salad that Kathie had made. The conversation flowed freely until we had to get back to our boats before it got too dark. It was a stormy night with some high winds at times and a couple of downpours. The anchors held firm, but I still found it a little scary. Solitude was jerking up and down and some waves slammed into her so hard it sounded like something hard hit us. I could see lightening flashes through my hatch and Timmy followed me around the bed to make sure his body was always up against mine. Together we rode out the storms without waking John. In the morning, I switched my alarm off at 8:10. It had been going off since 8, so I guess I was in a deep sleep by then. Photo of John diving into the blue hole