Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy


Neither John or I had slept well but it did not seem to matter. John planned to help Greg fix his generator in the morning and then we would see how the day unfolded. While John went over to Happy Destiny, I took the opportunity to hand wash some clothes and do some cleaning. This also meant I could enjoy some alone time. Something that doesn’t happen very often these days. I was amazed when John returned in just over an hour. They had replaced a fuse which seemed to sort it out. They had also decided that we should meet at Big Goulding Cay where there is reported to be a cave and a Robinson Crusoe beach. We took our dinghies across and converged on the beach. The ‘cave’ took two seconds to explore and then we swam and floated in the water before lounging in beach chairs that someone had thoughtfully left for us. It was good to have a swim at last. In Hoffman’s Bay itself there were lots of tiny brown jelly fish. These are called - sea lice. They don’t sting at the time, but will cause you to itch overnight and will last for weeks. Whilst sitting on the beach, it was decided that we would stay here one more night before John and I head to Little Harbor Cay or Chubb Cay. It was a great decision as we all had another pot luck dinner( with some planning) Amy and Bruce brought meatballs in tomato sauce and we brought the pasta. Definitely a win for us. After dinner, which lasted two hours, we took Timmy to the beach to do his business. Amy and Bruce brought their dog Roxy too. It seemed like a great idea. Big mistake. The mosquitos pounced as soon as Amy and I left the shore. Sorry dogs- you will have to hold it til morning. We dashed back to the dinghies and the boys got them in the water and started the engines as Amy and I lifted the dogs and jumped in. Good practice if we ever come across pirates burying their treasure on one of these deserted islands. It is always fun to spend time with new friends - super day. Group photo taken at the blue hole.