Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy

Notes from a cruising dog

I reflect back to how my life has changed since being plucked from my luxury penthouse with Jim and Ann and placed on a 28 foot sailboat with mummy and daddy. Personally, I thought they had lost their minds as they smiled at me and told me it would be fun. I made my position clear by refusing food for three days (I tried to hold out for longer but you know, I was fading away). When we started traveling I was cold a lot of the time and cuddled mummy day and night. I have learned a lot in the last few weeks:
1. I can now walk around the decks independently when I am allowed.
2. I have my favorite spot when sailing- at the stern and looking out behind us.
3. I always get a treat when I go on a boat called Salt Wife or Happy Destiny.
4. I dig a hole in the sand so it is cooler when I lie in it.
5. I know the dinghy takes me to shore when I need to do my business and I will tell mommy and daddy by looking at the dinghy and the shore.
6. I jump on Mommy's lap when we get in the dinghy and the engine no longer scares me.
7. I can jump off the dinghy to shore or boat.
8. I can jump or run into the water from the shore. I am strong swimmer but will relax on mommy's tummy, or some other unsuspecting human, when I want to rest.
9. Fake grass can be used to gain an extra treat or two.
10. It is impossible to catch a lizard, but I will keep trying.