Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy

Far from civilization

Having helped Timmy write his blog yesterday, we had a bit of a scary night. Timmy seemed unable to settle down to sleep. He lay down, and then got up a few minutes later, sat up for a while before repeating the routine. I offered him water, a pee pee pad, a cuddle. All seemed to help him for a few minutes and then he would try to settle but obviously could not get comfy. I took him to the salon and he asked to get in daddy’s bed (most unusual). I thought he may be finding it too breezy in my cabin so he settled down with daddy for a few minutes before he wanted to come back with me. Suddenly I realized that he must be in pain. He was panting at times. I remembered that when we were having lunch at the beach he got something that was laying in the sand but I did not see what. I asked him to drop it and he swallowed it quick. Note to self - he needs more training with that skill. Anyway, my mind started working - what if it had been a small bone or something that has got stuck in his intestine. What will we do if he needs to go to a vet?? By this time it was 3 am and I knew the best thing I could do was to get some sleep. Tomorrow may be a taxing day getting him to a vet. Timmy went back to sleep with daddy and I started planning. We are not that far from Nassau, but tomorrow was going to be too rough to sail with 6-9 foot waves. I decided I would have to get back to Great Harbor where flights to Fort Lauderdale leave twice a day. Not only would that mean that he gets the best care in the US, but that his Pet Insurance would pay for it. The plan was not fully formed, but I went off to sleep. I woke at 6, ready to put the finishing touches to my plan. Timmy looked fast asleep next to John but I could not see if he was breathing. I called his name and his head popped up. Phew - I could sleep until 8. Timmy seemed fine by the morning. We all caught up in some sleep before going to our private island for lunch with the others. He seemed fine on the island. His poop was a little pale in color so we are guessing something upset his tummy. We are keeping a close watch on him but he seems nearly 100 percent. However, it did highlight the challenge of accessing help for him if we need it. Paradise this may be, but it does not mean life is easy. Life without reliable Internet can be both liberating and frightening. We cannot google for symptoms, vets, or any other information. Instacart seems like a luxury from another planet. Restaurants are a distant memory. However, in their place we have sharing long lunches with friends on deserted islands; evenings spent sitting on deck watching turtles pop their heads up; days in the fresh air reacting to rain, wind or waves as nature surrounds us. Wildlife has amazed us such as rays, sharks and tropical fish as well as mosquitoes and no-see-ums that hound us when the wind disappears. We are truly blessed to experience what we have only dreamed of. We just hope that we return to civilization unscathed. It does not look like we will get to Chubb tomorrow as the waves are still going to be around 6 foot, but Friday looks promising.