Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy


When we woke up this morning and looked out into the bay, we saw a couple of boats had left, including Happy Destiny. I checked my messages and sure enough Kathie had texted to say they checked the weather this morning and it looked as though the winds were light enough for them to go to Spanish Wells. We decided to try to go to Chub which is a shorter and easier trip. We would have liked to have gone to Spanish Wells with everyone else, but with the unpredictable wind directions and strength we could easily find ourselves unable to get back to the US before June. And of course I am looking forward to a bit of luxury before we head back. So we decided to try it and if the waves are unpleasant we can drop into one of many other anchorages. As we headed out the swell was quite large - perhaps 5 feet, but they were rolling rather than choppy. Without good internet access, John had been unable to see a full weather report- he knew the waves were big, but did not know if they would be rolling or choppy. Today was probably the first day of rolly waves because the wind had swung to the south. Although we could not sail, we enjoyed a pleasant motor down the Berry’s with the seas getting flatter and flatter as we went. We got to Chub by 2:00, filled up with fuel and pulled into our huge slip. We look like a toy boat in comparison to everyone else. Having been on anchorage for 7 nights we had a long list of what we wanted to do at Chub. Stock up on supplies; eat at a restaurant; swim in the infinity pool; and last but not least- take a long hot shower. Having achieved all of the above, we are now settling down for a night with air conditioning!