Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy

Chub Cay

I cannot really say that we are getting a genuine Bahama experience here, but it is a beautiful resort. The main hotel and restaurant are in an imposing mansion with a chic island vibe. There are little brick streets designed only for golf carts lined with ‘cute’ villas painted in island blues, pinks and yellows. Despite the perfection, the resort cannot control the weather and it rained most of the morning. John and I were in no rush to start our day. We had a late breakfast on the boat after sleeping really well. We took care of some chores and then headed to the beach for a walk with Timmy. We got chatting to another couple who had a little dog that wanted to play with Timmy. Timmy was not sure what was expected of him but soon mimicked ’Biggs’ who was a little smaller than Timmy. Before we knew it they were running around the beach and up to the pool together. John and I scooped Timmy up and went for a paddle in a transparent kayak. I was convinced we would see a turtle as it is a sandy and grassy bay, but we were not so lucky. We went for a swim in the pool, but of course got chatting to another couple so not much swimming took place. Before we knew it, it was time for dinner at the club. We sat on the veranda overlooking the pool, beach and ocean. Fabulous food - just what we had started to crave after 6 days in Hoffman Cay. We were planning to head to Bimini tomorrow but I was concerned about the high possibility of thunderstorms. John conceded and I quickly booked another night here before he could change his mind. Another day of luxury awaits. Picture is of our favorite villa.