Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy

Chub Cay

After another great night’s sleep, we still had a slow start to the day. We decided to see if we could cycle to the village where there is a bar called the Nauti Rooster. They did not have a bike with a basket for Timmy so we took a golf cart instead. The village was more like a collection of very small but colorful sheds. They looked new, but tiny. This is where a lot of the employees live. We were not impressed. Of course we did not see inside or ask an employee about their accommodation, but our impression was one of disappointment. There is a lot of land here, how much extra would it cost to make each living quarter a bit bigger? Still, I don’t know the details so I shouldn’t say anything really. We also looked around a small farm that they have there. It contained lots of coconut trees that were relatively low to the ground, presumably to make picking the coconuts easier. They were also banana trees and small crops. Next to the farm we’re rows of solar panels. Nice to see them using the resources they have. John and I then left Timmy in the air conditioned boat while we went for a swim. He seemed very happy with that arrangement. We ate on the boat this evening as we prepared for tomorrow. The plan of the hour is to take Solitude to turtle creek tomorrow morning. It is just a couple of miles from here and I have been promised that I will see turtles there. We will then leave there around 2pm and sail through the night to get to Bimini area by dawn. We will be checking the weather again in the morning to make sure there has not been a dramatic change. We know there is a chance of thunderstorms, but it looks like our route should not see the worst of them. This will be my first all night sail. I almost like the idea of it because we should not be anchoring in the dark. Of course I am a little apprehensive- we will be sailing for about 16 hours, but the captain enjoys challenging me. We will see what the day brings.