Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy

We all make mistakes

For the most part my day has been wonderful. Mommy and Daddy had a long lie in, so I got to stay in bed longer too. Daddy slept in because he spent yesterday evening trying to fix the generator. He spread the pieces all over the boat. He then had to put it back together again which took him until 1 am. Mommy and I were fast asleep by that time. When mommy and daddy got up they took me for my walk. I love it here in Bimini Cove. There are little pink walls that I jump over onto thick green grass. I usually jump over three or four walls to find the best place. We then walked down the dirt road to the store. I had to wait outside even though the door was open and it was cool inside. At least daddy did not take long to get some essentials such as water and chocolate. We then walked back. I was so hot that I was glad when I was left to guard the air conditioned boat while mommy and daddy went for lunch. When they got back it was time for a siesta. I don't often get a siesta but I wholeheartedly agree with the concept. Mommy then mentioned something about it being cool enough to walk on the beach so we set off in that direction. It was on this walk that I made a slight misjudgment. We were walking along happily, mommy and daddy chatting when we came to a little pink wall. I jumped over with confidence but I did not realize that instead of thick green grass on the other side there was a six foot drop. It was not what I was expecting. Daddy was holding my leash that extends automatically so down I went. I then heard daddy exclaim 'oh' and I suddenly stopped falling as he clicked the latch. I stopped falling a foot from the ground. Daddy then hoisted me up and I continued my walk as if nothing had happened. Daddy muttered things about how close that was. Mommy said she was glad she had not been holding the leash as her reactions are slower (I can verify that because I can usually swallow my ill gotten gains before she gets to me). They don't understand that cats are not the only ones with nine lives.They were also wrong about it being cool enough for the beach. I headed straight for the rocks and hid in the shade. Mommy and Daddy lured me out by going into the water. I joined them for a paddle. Unfortunately because my legs are shorter than theirs, my paddle quickly became a swim. The water was clear and cool so I swam in circles for a few minutes. I was just working my way out of the water when a large wave engulfed me and then left me on the beach. It was not very dignified and I felt even more embarrassed when I heard mommy and daddy laughing. Oh well, it was worth it as mommy scooped me up and carried me off the beach. I then tolerated a cuddle whilst wrapped up in a towel before bedtime.