Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy

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Today has been pretty much a repeat of the previous two days - lazy morning, lunch at the marina restaurant, Petit Conch, followed by a swim in the pool. Today's swim was especially long as it is to be our last swim in the Bahamas this year. We are planning to leave for Lake Worth tomorrow morning at around 5am. We will do a final check of the weather if we can but connectivity is unreliable. It is a 77 nautical mile trip and we are hoping to average at least 6 knots. We may average less that that but we should be in Lake Worth before dusk. We have not booked a marina because there are lots of anchorages if need be. As we are crossing in daylight we should be able to trickle charge the batteries on the way over. Still no working alternator or generator so we are looking forward to sorting those problems out in the US. We are now checking the engine and preparing the cabin. We will anchor in front of the marina overnight. That avoids getting out of the marina at low tide in the morning. How do I feel about another long crossing? I am genuinely looking forward to it. I know there is no point worrying, we will deal with challenges as they arise.