Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy


John does not talk about feelings much. Perhaps I am getting more like him because when Ellie (Jack’s wife) asked how I felt now we were on the way back, I did not know how to answer. If we were going home to our lovely villa in Hilton Head then I would be excited. Excited to be back to a big kitchen, master bedroom with en-suite, our neighbors and of course the view. Sure we have had amazing views wherever we go, and that has been wonderful, but it’s different when the view is one you know so well that you sense each gradual change and are privy to varied wildlife that largely ignore your presence. But we are not going home. We will continue to travel - Hilton Head, Atlanta, California and then New York before flying to England (via Paris) on July 12th. We are organizing flights, doctors appointments, visits with friends and of course preparing Solitude for a few months in dry storage. So how do I feel? Busy. Too busy to think about how I feel.
We will leave Melbourne tomorrow to head to an anchorage about 32 miles from here - Titusville. Today’s photo is of our home at its best- filled with family. Ellie, who asks thought provoking questions, Jack, who loves adventures as much as us, and Frank, who has contributed throughout the blog to educate John and I as well as our readers.