Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy

A still day

We started off early today knowing there would not be much sailing like yesterday, but we were looking forward to motoring along in calm waters so we could chat and plan. We planned to anchor at New Smyrna, a beautiful spot was had sailed through when coming south. We forgot it was Memorial Day. For most of the way it was just as we hoped. I am clinging to these last few days, savoring the joy of the journeys. I stood at the bow as we went through the canal, spotting several manatee. John and I shared the helming, ate lunch as we traveled along, and even booking flights and a hotel for when we go to New York. As we approached New Smyrna, the waterway began to get busier and busier. By the time we got to our planned anchorage it was just plain crazy. It was also only 1 o'clock so we decided to keep going. We ended up getting to Daytona and thereby exactly retracing our steps (I would say 'wake', but, you know, we are not that fast) from when we came south. We did not go to the marina though. We are at an anchorage just by the bridge. We took Timmy for a walk at a little beach nearby, cooked dinner and cookies and are now sitting in the dark enjoying the cool breeze. It is Memorial Day today and we are surrounded by fireworks as we remember those who gave their lives in war.