Sailing South on Solitude

John, Penni & Timmy


Sometimes adventures happen at night

Back to Civilization

Back to Civilization

We all make mistakes

The Night Sail

These things are sent to try us

Turtle Creek

Chub Cay

Chub Cay


Far from civilization

Notes from a cruising dog

The unmissable reef


The Blue Hole Experience

Travel without a working alternator

The Alternator Problem- Part 5

The Alternator Problem-part 4

The Alternator Problem-part 3

The alternator problem part 2

The alternator problem

Island Fun

Three months

The Bahama Vibe

My worst, worst nightmare

The day that wasn’t

Deep Breaths

Weekends in Bimini

Sharks Surround Serge and John

North Bimini Exploration

A new rhythm

It’s Better in the Bahamas

I couldn’t blog yesterday

An unexpected visitor

Will we, won’t we?

New Found Freedom

Boy Toys

The Big Jobs

The Great Row in our Dinghy

On Anchor- Day 5

On Anchor - day 4

On Anchor day 3

On Anchor - day 2

On Anchor- day 1

Delivery Day

Back on the horse

The Night

This morning

Indian Key Anchorage

And Repeat

Marathon Marina


Farewell Key West

Key West

The voyage back

On the Dry Tortugas

Tear up the plans

Today was about tomorrow

A birthday in Key West

Key West

Key West At Last

A slow sail

Exploring Marathon

Night of the Mosquitos

Sailing Solitude

Cruising Life

Timmy Day

Too much wind

What makes a good marina?

Who was paying attention?

The Big Day


The Keys


An Inconvenience

No Name Harbor

On The Move Again

Back to Reality

Back to Solitude

Penni Day

The Everglades

Land Lubbers

Terra Firma

The Big Sail


Getting to North Palm Beach

Timmy’s Triumph




All change

On the Move again

Expedited 2 day delivery in 5 days


The Dog House

St Augustine, FL

A Dodgy Day

Fernandina Beach


Exploring Jekyll Island

A quick hop

St Simon’s Island

Almost St Simon’s Island

One step back

Solitude in Solitude


Day One

Departing Tomorrow

Nearly Ready

Not Impressed!

Preparing to Depart