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Bahia Concepcion Day 1 & 2

10 April 2010 | Isla Coyote & Playa Posada
We left with the sunrise and already have NW winds which means another day of motorsailing! Yeah! There were lots of dolphins today and as we neared the point of Concepcion there were lots, and I mean lots, of birds. Gulls, pelicans, frigates, boobies, turns and others just dive bombing and hanging out on the water. Must have been lots of bait fish around or something.

Of course as we turned into Concepcion Bay, the winds switched to SW and made getting into Coyote Bay a little tiresome. We decided to duck in and anchor off Isla Coyote and were able to get out of the winds and stay for the night. What a pretty little cove with our own private beach!


It is soooo quiet here that when the frigates dive toward the water, I can hear the wind on their wings! It sounds just like a kite when in a dive. How amazing! We tried casting for fish but didn't find any takers.

We pulled up anchor after coffee and scouted out the other anchorages here in Coyote Bay. Then the winds picked up again hard out of the NW and we decided to anchor in a nitch just south of Santispac which might be part of what is considered Posada. Another beautiful anchorage with our own private beach. We could see how the wind was whipping the other boats in Santispac but we stayed fairly calm all night (though we could hear it).

There are lots of vacation homes on the cliffs and we could hear a party going on. At first we thought that people just had really strange names for boats, like "green eyed lady" and "bon jovi boy", but it turns out the local landlubbers use VHF for communicating. It's just cruel to announce what everyone is bringing (food wise) to a party and when everyone's going to be there and then BBQ with the winds coming in our direction! Oh well next time we'll announce a potluck and horseshoes and not invite them. Ha Ha!

There is suppose to be hot springs near here somewhere so we are going to go scouting and hopefully find them soon so we can soak. The only thing that isn't great about this area is that the highway with inclines and declines run right next to the water and the big trucks are using the jake breaks all the time. You do get used to it (you just have to stop talking and wait for the silence to resume your conversation). Such a pretty spot I could care less!
Vessel Name: CharAnn
Vessel Make/Model: Newport 41s
Hailing Port: Newport, NY
Crew: Jim & Jeannine
About: We'll be spending our 2nd season cruising the Sea of Cortez. We had a great 1st full NY season from snow to snow! We can't wait to see what's in store for us this winter.
Just so everyone is less confused, Jim is Phil & Phil is Jim. Jim is Jim in the boating community and with his family and long-time friends but he's Phil to me and my family and friends in NY. Though the boating community wishes he'd stick with Phil (there's too many Jim's and we haven't met one [...]
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Who: Jim & Jeannine
Port: Newport, NY