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15 April 2012 | Daytona Beach/New Smyrna, Fl
04 March 2010 | Daytona
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Land locked with Bikers

04 March 2010 | Daytona
Rob Mundell
There is little in life so free as the feeling I get when sailing. You may share this feeling too. It is such a pleasurable balance to harness the natural forces to move through the water. The sounds, acceleration and the sense of the boat responding to your movements and commands bring you into a comfortable illusion of control. For those that sale performance craft the illusion is evasive and sometimes short lived. There's a great feeling of accomplishment and pride that comes with manipulating the rig and sails, the trim of the craft to coax her best performance.

Today was a day that I'd rather have been sailing. Instead, I was dry docked among bikers in Daytona. I ran from marina to marina, yard to yard spreading the word of our recent move to our new location. Everywhere I visited, people told me stories of how sailors were avoiding Daytona and their boats, assumedly until both the cold weather and bikers leave.

I should have gone sailing. I called my meteorologist friend and left a desperate message for a sailing partner for the afternoon, but received no response. I guess that he had far too many responsibilities holding him away from the boat. Work gets in the way of the necessities of life, doesn't it? Maybe he was just avoiding bikers too. Cannot say that I blame him.

Tomorrow holds new hope.

Coming soon: Spring Survey - the Southern sailors guide to surveying from the deck

See you on the water soon.

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