Threshold is headed south, a long way south.

16 years Karyn and I have been sailing Threshold in circles around the North Atlantic and the Med. This year, after a couple of zigs and zags, it will be mostly a straight line south toward the Beagle Channel.

22 March 2019 | Quinched Marina, Isla Chiloe
08 March 2019 | Caleta Lay
27 February 2019 | Canal White
19 February 2019 | Straits of Magellan
16 February 2019 | Straits of Magellan
06 February 2019 | Caleta Cinco Estrellas
29 January 2019 | Ushuaia, Argentina
22 January 2019 | Caleta Euginio
15 January 2019 | Seno Pia
14 January 2019 | Caleta Ferrari, 545 51S: 68 49W
20 November 2018
29 October 2018
19 October 2018
17 October 2018
11 October 2018
08 October 2018
07 October 2018 | 300nm East of Brazil coast, Belmonte
05 October 2018
02 October 2018

Weather restricted

22 January 2019 | Caleta Euginio
When the wind is blowing through the canals at 30 knots or more we choose not to move the boat. We remain anchored and lines into the trees three or four times. Trying to fight our way into 30 knots plus (or even 25) is a slow, slogging occupation. The waves are not large but the short chop is enough to prevent gaining momentum. Usually the wind is more or less directly on the nose or the behind so sailing is inefficient at best. Today the wind from the west is to blow 30/35 for about 18 hours. We have chosen to stay tied into our caleta (cove) just off the Beagle Channel. Some boat maintenance, lots of messaging, and a walk ashore is planned. We are within 10 miles of Ushuaia and have weak cell phone coverage and easy contact with the remainder of the world. For the last week we had only intermittent VHF radio contact and the Iridium satellite data for weather info and texts. Some suffer withdrawal symptoms in that isolation. We are getting a little more used to the constant wind that is heavy and cold. It was very odd and welcome to have a warm calm yesterday evening. For the first time we could hear the land animals and birds. The strangest noise was something similar to the braying of a donkey, but different. Joyce had read about the Magellanic penguin and thought that was what I heard. So strange the haunting sound from the woods on the hill."The Magellanics are called jackass penguins for their call, a mournful bray followed by a series of short honks and loud inhalations that crescendo in a long, dramatic howl. The Chileans, hearing human cries, call it pajaro nino, the child bird. (Gerry Clark, The Totorore Voyage and Dallas Murphy, Rounding the Horn) Now there is a 'must read' for anyone that is interested in getting a feel for what this part of the world is like, especially for a sailor thinking of voyaging here: Dallas Murphy, Rounding the Horn.
Vessel Name: THRESHOLD
Vessel Make/Model: Custom Chuck Paine/Kanter Yachts
Hailing Port: ALBUQUERQUE, needs to be updated
Crew: Steve and Karyn James
THRESHOLD is a custom Chuck Paine design from his Bouganvillea Series and built of aluminum by Kanter Yachts of Ontario, Canada. She is 17m LOA, 4.7m beam, 2.2m draft, 22m air draft, and weighs 27 tons fully loaded. We feel very fortunate to be able to own and cruise such a rugged, powerful, and [...]
THRESHOLD's Photos - Main
Just a few photos that hardly come close to describing 29 days and 4000 miles of sailing.
27 Photos
Created 3 November 2018
photos of apt., Didim, boat work, travels
28 Photos
Created 24 December 2013
5 Photos
Created 15 September 2013
Karyn and Steve at there work stations. Some of the "parts" that have come off the boat needing "help", and the bimini frame construction
11 Photos
Created 11 August 2013
8 Photos
Created 25 July 2013
Beginning of the refit. Mast lift and haul out.
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Created 14 July 2013
Photos of the one place in the Adriatic that everyone sees.
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Created 20 September 2011
Venice, August 4 to 11, 2011
12 Photos
Created 11 August 2011
6 Photos
Created 23 December 2009
Photos of some of the architectual works of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona
12 Photos
Created 23 December 2009
Street sellers working and then on the run as the police move them on.
9 Photos
Created 22 December 2009
Beautiful anchorages around the island of Ibiza, complete with beach bars, fisherman huts, and sunbathing touristas.
6 Photos
Created 18 October 2009
Finally, some photos of the interior of the boat. Finally, got the chance when we cleaned up for guests.
10 Photos
Created 13 September 2009
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Created 22 July 2009
Assorted, random photos of great people.
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Created 24 June 2009
Select photos of Highland Games that included Heavy Sports, Dancing, Pipe Bands, historical displays
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Created 24 June 2009
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Created 6 October 2008
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Created 10 July 2008
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Created 26 June 2008
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Created 3 June 2008
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Created 11 April 2008
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Created 20 March 2008
Photos of Drag Queens, the parade and the party in Bar One at the marina.
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Created 26 February 2008
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Created 14 February 2008
Details and sailing photos
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Created 13 February 2008
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Created 11 February 2008