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Scott Dickinson and Kim Worsham's J/42 "Tiki J"--Pac Cup 2016 Division B Start Date July 12th, 1110PDT

15 August 2016 | 37 35'N:123 19'W, CPYC
14 August 2016
13 August 2016 | 37 48'N:123 46'W, 60nm to SF
13 August 2016 | 37 43'N:125 24'W, 140nm to SF
13 August 2016 | 37 43'N:125 38'W, 150nm to SF
12 August 2016 | 37 36'N:127 46'W, 250nm to SF
11 August 2016 | 37 29'N:131 08'W, 410nm to SF
10 August 2016 | 37 24'N:135 47'W, 630nm to SF
09 August 2016 | 37 22'N:138 15'W, 750nm to SF
08 August 2016 | 37 40'N:141 12'W, 885nm to SF
08 August 2016 | 37 37'N:142 00'W, 925nm to SF
08 August 2016 | 37 37'N:142 00'W, 925nm to SF
08 August 2016 | 37 24'N:143 56'W, 1018nm to SF
07 August 2016 | 36 45'N:145 18'W, 1125nm from HI
06 August 2016 | 36 06'N:146 56'W, 1050nm from HI
06 August 2016 | 35 38'N:147 42'W, 1000nm from HI
05 August 2016 | 34 25'N:149 18'W, 900nm from HI
05 August 2016 | 33 47'N:149 47'W, 850nm from HI
04 August 2016 | 32 10'N:150 40'W, 750nm from HI
03 August 2016 | 29 40'N:152 16'W, 575nm from HI

Final inventory

15 August 2016 | 37 35'N:123 19'W, CPYC
It's been a nice 24 hours on land...

Thanks Vince for taking over the "restoration" of Tiki J after the voyage. We rallied to clean the inside, but were fading on the follow-through.

Following is my final inventory of food...kind of interesting. We've discussed briefly what would have happened had we not caught four fish - which probably anchored 10 meals. Still, not bad for spending only 30 minutes in a Safeway for provisioning.

Index xx Meal Type Description Quantity QuantDesc 30 Breakfast Meal Oatmeal 30 packs 52 Breakfast Meal Sausage breakfast 2 6 packs 68 Cheese Meal Cream cheese 1 tub 19 Rice Meal Rice 8 1/4 cup servings 36 Cracker Snack Wasabi peas 0.2 large can 39 Beans Meal Baked beans 1 45 Sauce Meal Pizza sauce 1 bottles 47 Rice Meal Brown rice bowl 1 serving 70 Condiment Condiment butter 1 74 Veg Condiment green onion 1 bunch 79 Condiment Condiment mayo 1 80 Condiment Condiment ketchup 1 81 Condiment Condiment mustard 0.2 82 Condiment Condiment bbq sauce 1 34 Drink Drink Coffee via 15 packs 35 Drink Drink Hot chocoloate 9 packs 3 Bread Meal Tortilla wheat 2 5 Bread Meal Tortilla corn 3 64 Veg Meal Cabbage 0.2 58 Cheese Meal Cheese mozz grated 1 29 Sauce Meal Pizza sauce 1 bottles 48 Sauce Meal Spaghetti 1 pack 1 Bread Meal Sandwich thins 4 6 Meat Meal Peanut butter 2 40 oz jar 38 Soup Meal Soup Clam chowder 2 40 Soup Meal Soup chick noodle 1 41 Soup Meal Soup lentil 2 44 Soup Meal Soup pot/bacon 2 46 Soup Meal Soup gumbo 1 73 Meat Meal lunch meat 20 3-slice servings 66 Meat Meal Tuna pack 4 4 Bread Meal Tortilla lo carb 8 71 Veg Meal carrots 0.8 bag 83 Pasta Meal Ramin noodles 8 2 Meat Snack Jerky 3 2.5oz pack/portion 8 Cracker Snack Cracker triscuits 2 box 9 Cracker Snack Ritz 8 sleeves 10 Cracker Snack Cracker PB 2 packs 11 Nuts Snack Almonds 8 packs 12 Cracker Snack Cracker saltines 1 large sleeves 14 Granola Snack Granola brown 4 15 Fruit Snack Dried mango 0.2 large pack 16 Cracker Snack Chex mix 1 bag 17 Cracker Snack Corn chips 0.2 bag 20 Sweets Snack Mac brittle 1 bag 21 Cracker Snack Cheese crackers 2 packs 22 Cracker Snack BelVita crackers 5 packs 23 Nuts Snack Nut mix 1 bags 24 Sweets Snack Starburst 1 bag 25 Sweets Snack Swedish fish 0.2 bag 26 Nuts Snack Nuts macadamia 1 can 27 Nuts Snack Nuts pistachio 0.2 bag 31 Granola Snack Granola chewy 8 32 Granola Snack Clif Bar 2 PB 33 Sweets Snack Snickers minis 0.5 bag 56 Sweets Snack Choc Cookies (frozen) 0.5 61 Fruit Snack Peach cup 4 62 Fruit Snack Pear cup 4 63 Drink Snack Milk 10 65 Fruit Snack Tangerines 10 69 Fruit Snack apples 3

They made it!

14 August 2016
The BACCUP crew is officially BACk!

End games

13 August 2016 | 37 48'N:123 46'W, 60nm to SF
We're 30nm from the Farallons and on the warpath. Ate the last of the frozen food and drank the last of the Fireball and rum - what could wrong go? Oh, and the autopilot servo gave it up so we're hand steering. My taunt to the fellas is "my sister does better than that!" as they swing +/- 20 deg and complain how "hard' it is to steer! Waves, 20kts of wind, you did 2000 miles of this?....whatever.

But seriously, we're enjoying this last stretch and really looking forward to meeting our arrival party. We might be a bit earlier than ideal given the brisk winds we've had over the last few hours, but the ebb current and expected light winds later might make it all work out. Updates via txt once in phone range...

Is this thing on?

13 August 2016 | 37 43'N:125 24'W, 140nm to SF
Kind of the same look the deer have on Tom's game cameras...


13 August 2016 | 37 43'N:125 38'W, 150nm to SF
We're about to starting ticking off the "last" of things: last taquitos for breakfast; last baby-wipe "shower"; last 21:00 radio checkin; etc.

It's still looking like a dawn crossing at the GG. We made great time over night averaging around 8kts in fresh breeze from the NW. I'll download wx with this upload, but previous predictions were for a bit of softening and backing of the wind over today. We have the A4 and iron gennie in reserve, and are not afraid to use either/both of them, if we need to boost our speed to keep our schedule. As I mentioned yesterday, it's a little counterproductive to try and arrive earlier given the tides/currents and timing of daybreak.

For our arrival route, we'll hug the northern approach to the GG passing very near Pt. Bonita and Pt. Diablo to stay out of the ebb current, then bolt across the channel to the city side as we pass the northern tower of the bridge. We'll have the masthead tri-color, mid-mast steaming light (to illuminate the foresail), and pulpit-mounted "dragon-eyes" blazing if anyone's looking for us. We hope to wave to our arrival party at St. Francis YC, then race them to CPYC.

Spin class

12 August 2016 | 37 36'N:127 46'W, 250nm to SF
Today started with a sail change back to the #1 genoa to take advantage of the improving angles - it also helped mitigate the light pressures, though we surely averaged less than 7kts for most of the day. We even tried the A4 spinnaker briefly to no avail. The wind's back to 12-14kts now at 120deg true wind angle and we're moving along smartly between 7.5 and 8.0 kts. I don't know if we'll fly the A4 again as our experiment indicated the wind needed to be way more aft than what we were seeing at the time - maybe we'll roll into the bay with it if the wind isn't too strong that morning.

I'm about to download updated wx, but current predections point to a dawn crossing of the Golden Gate bridge and morning arrival at CPYC. That's prob for the best anyway since max ebb current at the GG is 0120PDT Sunday morning. We'll hopefully come through in the waning hours of the ebb and catch a nice ride on the flood.

The solar panels aren't doing much these days in the mostly overcast conditions. We run the engine at dawn, dusk and 0300 now since we're using the Raymarine autopilot almost exclusively due to the varying wind speeds - which the Cape Horn doesn't handle very well.

Today's menu was roll-your-own breakfast; two poke recipes and brown rice for lunch; and tuna tacos for dinner. We're going to land with at least one frozen entree if I don't double-down tomorrow for lunch and dinner.
Vessel Name: Tiki J
Vessel Make/Model: J/42 Sail No. 33
Hailing Port: Coyote Point YC, San Mateo, CA
Crew: 2016 Update - Kim Worsham, Scott Dickinson, Brad Worsham, Vince Swerkes, Max Dickinson & Cody Dickinson
2016 Update: Max (12) & Cody (9) Dickinson will be joining us this year. Their first passage half way across the Pacific Ocean. Scott and Kim are former Foster City, CA residents recently transplanted to Portland, OR. [...]
2016 Update: The Year of the Kids! A lot of Worshams and those mental enough to be on a boat with them! In the Small World department, the Tiki J race crew, return crew (including Bill Sr) and shore support crew a.k.a. our extended families were saddened to learn of the passing of Charley [...]
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