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Scott Dickinson and Kim Worsham's J/42 "Tiki J"--Pac Cup 2016 Division B Start Date July 12th, 1110PDT

15 August 2016 | 37 35'N:123 19'W, CPYC
14 August 2016
13 August 2016 | 37 48'N:123 46'W, 60nm to SF
13 August 2016 | 37 43'N:125 24'W, 140nm to SF
13 August 2016 | 37 43'N:125 38'W, 150nm to SF
12 August 2016 | 37 36'N:127 46'W, 250nm to SF
11 August 2016 | 37 29'N:131 08'W, 410nm to SF
10 August 2016 | 37 24'N:135 47'W, 630nm to SF
09 August 2016 | 37 22'N:138 15'W, 750nm to SF
08 August 2016 | 37 40'N:141 12'W, 885nm to SF
08 August 2016 | 37 37'N:142 00'W, 925nm to SF
08 August 2016 | 37 37'N:142 00'W, 925nm to SF
08 August 2016 | 37 24'N:143 56'W, 1018nm to SF
07 August 2016 | 36 45'N:145 18'W, 1125nm from HI
06 August 2016 | 36 06'N:146 56'W, 1050nm from HI
06 August 2016 | 35 38'N:147 42'W, 1000nm from HI
05 August 2016 | 34 25'N:149 18'W, 900nm from HI
05 August 2016 | 33 47'N:149 47'W, 850nm from HI
04 August 2016 | 32 10'N:150 40'W, 750nm from HI
03 August 2016 | 29 40'N:152 16'W, 575nm from HI

Sweet baby Jesus

07 August 2016 | 36 45'N:145 18'W, 1125nm from HI
Things got biblical in the galley this morning as I was prepping the frozen taquitos. We bought a box of taquitos as a last minute grab while "provisioning" in HI, and Mike had the bell-ringer idea yesterday to have some for breakfast. So I dig out the bag from bottom of the freezer, pull out 12 for breakfast, and then decide to divide up the remaining into ziplock bags for safe keeping. O...M...G - they seemed to multiply as I was pulling them out of their orginal wrapping! If that's the bread, now I'm hoping the fellas can provide an endless supply of fish from the transom. And BTW, taquitos for breakfast are the bomb!

We motorsailed overnight, which allowed me to catch up on some sleep. I've been getting pretty good rest, but had spent most of the night before on deck since we were in that go/no-go zone for saililng/motoring. So last night I went to bed at midnight while motoring under bare poles with an extensive matrix of instructions for the fellas based on wind speed, wind direction, sea state and boat speed (blank stare allowed - seen my share of those (TIC)). At 3:30 I was up to use the head and noticed we were in a non-optimal part of the matrix and assisted in raising the reefed main to get a small boost and dampen the rolling. After winding down for a few minutes back in my bunk, I slept until 8:15!

We're about a day out (hopefully) from the beginnings of our new wind on the SE side of the high, at which time we'll make our last tack and head for the barn. Don't be surprised if our course bends to the north as we suck it up on stbd tack for a while as the winds shift left. We want to make a little north anyway, but will be choosing between motorsailing and motoring based on the matrix.

Finally, Fireball is chillin' in the freezer in prep for our halfway party this afternoon/evening. That's halfway (1035nm) *to" SF if you followed the previous discussion ;-)
Vessel Name: Tiki J
Vessel Make/Model: J/42 Sail No. 33
Hailing Port: Coyote Point YC, San Mateo, CA
Crew: 2016 Update - Kim Worsham, Scott Dickinson, Brad Worsham, Vince Swerkes, Max Dickinson & Cody Dickinson
2016 Update: Max (12) & Cody (9) Dickinson will be joining us this year. Their first passage half way across the Pacific Ocean. Scott and Kim are former Foster City, CA residents recently transplanted to Portland, OR. [...]
2016 Update: The Year of the Kids! A lot of Worshams and those mental enough to be on a boat with them! In the Small World department, the Tiki J race crew, return crew (including Bill Sr) and shore support crew a.k.a. our extended families were saddened to learn of the passing of Charley [...]
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