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Swopped two hulls for two wheels and now touring South Africa, dodging things on four wheels and four legs.

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Flat Earth Might Be True

16 May 2022
Stuart Letton
In our quest to see “a bit more of Africa” we’ve driven a few K since our last post. Quite a few in fact and finally, we’ve found flat Africa; the endless plains stretching from horizon to horizon. Endless pain from shoulder to shoulder.

Top tip. Do it in an air conditioned Range Rover or such like

Nah. Not them.

06 May 2022 | Pretoria, South Africa
Stuart Letton
Back when we were working class, in the child rearing years when it wasn't really practical to own a sailboat, we got into sea kayaking.

As eager new enthusiasts, we joined the Scottish Canoe Association and signed up for our first, "paddle in company' down Loch Craignish

Escaping from work early on the Friday we loaded the boats onto the roof, the camping gear into the back and set off for Ardfern.

Two hours later, the tent was up and we were, or at least I was, choking down my first beer of the weekend. As we sat in the pub, newcomers to the sea kayaking scene, we scanned the lounge looking for our fellow kayakers.

"Nah. None of this lot are kayakers, they must all be back at the campsite. These folk are all too old".

Next morning, guess what. These old biddies were the kayakers, many quite accomplished with serious sea miles and exposed passages, if you'll excuse the expression, under their slim hulls, and I'm sure they had a good giggle at us in our, "all the gear and no idea' mode.

So, as we sit in our hotel in Pretoria where we are starting our 22 day Victoria Falls tour on Sunday I'm thinking that tomorrow when the other bikers arrive, they will no doubt also be scanning the room and dismissing us old farts in the corner of the bar, sat in our slippers, sipping our cups of tea. No way are we their biker mates for the next three weeks, "especially that old guy over there with the man bag".

How time flies.

30 April 2022
Stuart Letton
When we first bought Beige Bandit back in 2008, as some readers might recall, our new pride and joy was in a yard in Boston, USA. There's a whole story around that and indeed, if I ever get round to it, maybe a book.

Back then, the sole purpose of what is now our Blog was to let immediate family know how things were going, what the weather was like, how the boat was performing but primarily, let them know we hadn't sunk.

Since then, really just to amuse myself over Covid, I ventured into the YouTube world.

If you've ever made a home movie whether destined for YouTube or not, you'll know it's not that easy. In fact, it's time consuming and really a bit like having to go to work again; hours spent staring into space looking for inspiration, endless breaks for coffee and making time for chats. Nonetheless, I've soldiered on and maybe out there some people like what we're doing. All sixty four of them.

To make viewing our videos less painful I've even gone back to school, looking at YouTube tutorials and a number of the really successful YouTube channels. From this exercise I've learnt two techniques that I need to adopt if I'm going to get the viewer numbers up.

The first is that as an older YouTuber I need to learn and use some yoof speak; for example, I need to open each video with....

"Yo! Wozz up dudes". Viewers will then be tempted to watch our "totally awesome vid"

After watching it, if you were "super excited" and liked it, and of course you will, coz "bro", it's totally awesome, then, dude.... I'll need to remind you to "Smash that Like button".

So, from my extensive and in-depth research, it is clear that firstly I need to update my YouTube lexicon.

Secondly, I need........ big boobs.

A Bit of AC/DC

22 April 2022
Stuart Letton
About thirty years ago, although it was probably longer - you know how these things work, I went on my first business trip to France.

After a couple of hours trying to parle Francais but all the while sounding like Rene in the TV series, Allo' Allo', I was asked if I'd like to go out to lunch. This of course really meant he fancied some foie gras, uncooked mince and crème brûlée, all washed down with a fancy wine, all at our expense.

As we got up to go, he lifted, what decades later would be referred to by Joey in "Friends" as a "Man Bag", a slight that has, at least in our family and most of Scotland, remained.

Stifling a giggle, I headed out to lunch with yer man.

However, as time has gone by and more and more parts of me seem to be failing, including my waist line and memory, it has become increasingly difficult to get my wallet, specs, phone, earbuds, lip wax, face mask, sun specs, inhaler etc... in my pockets. Equally, Anne has tired of playing Sherpa, lugging all this crap around, dispensing on-demand as needs dictate.

Consequently, and to the the glee and embarrassment of our kids, and indeed some of our friends, I'm now the proud owner of a genuine, faux leather "man bag".

In France and indeed many European countries this is not at all unusual. However, despite the failed attempts of a North American TV sitcom to popularise the fashion, in Scotland, especially after Brexit, such things are deemed, well, just no right.

Casting my eyes around Edinburgh airport where we await our return flight to Cape Town after a granny run home to renew our visas, it seems that I'm still leading the fashion drive singlehanded. There's a few of the "working class" getting away with it carrying laptop bags. A few have gone down the Indiana Jones route but most bag carriers are using rufty tufty backpacks.

Nonetheless, my man bag is practical and, as I've said, I no longer have the pocket capacity to offer a viable alternative and therefore, where I go, my man-bag goes.

Top tip. Best leave the man bag at home when you go to mix with the tattoo'd, wife beater and leather-vest wearing crowd that was the AC/DC cover band gig we went to last Sunday, Craig trying to distance himself from me at the bar and steadfastly refusing to join me on the dance floor to dance around my bag.

Oh no. Not more biking videos

16 April 2022 | There Goes The Neighbourhood
Stuart Letton
Yup. Sorry, here's another....

Another “wedding cake” Leopard exits the Cape Town yard…..and parks right next to us. As good a reason as any to go out on the bike.

Back In Trouble

06 April 2022
Stuart Letton
I don’t know if it was driving the five thousand plus miles we’ve covered in the last few months, tensed up, holding the bike handlebars in a death grip as we skittered and skidded our way across South Africa’s gravel roads or hanging over my guitar each night as I vainly try to master some basic tunes but, either way, my neck is killing me.

A month or so ago I went back to the osteopath I’d used previously when I pulled my gluteus maximus, that’s bum for any riff-raft that may be reading this. I got a bit of a rub down and then some six inch needles stuck in my shoulder. As usual with these treatments the only benefit was that my wallet was slightly lighter to carry. You’d think I’d have learned.

Consequently, scared of needles and even more scared of parting with money, I’ve been suffering in silence for the last few weeks. As only men can. However, after another nights lost sleep, I could take no more.

Nor could Anne. She said my version of “silence” was deafening. If not to say irritating.

So, here I am sat in the newly recommended osteopath’s waiting room feeling I should have brought the Vaseline……as I think I’m about to be screwed.

You see, the walls that don’t have bottles of own brand, cure-all magic potions for sale at silly prices have framed pictures of some long haired guru. I presume yer man’s mentor.

Just what a cynic with a sore neck needs. Should have stuck to gin.

Cape Epic

02 April 2022
Stuart Letton
No sooner have the tents been cleared away from the site of the Cape Tour and its 22,000 cyclists than another group of world class athletes arrive for the Cape Epic, a six day test of endurance and nerve as five hundred and fifty teams of two furiously peddle their sweaty way through the mountains and vineyards of the Western Cape.

These guys covered in six days on push bikes what it takes us ten with 100hp under the hood!

This time, we're away oop north to see if we can peer into Namibia. See if you can get through to the end!

Tee’d Off

30 March 2022 | V & A Marina, Cape Town
Stuart Letton
It’s season change in Cape Town. The trees are turning. The air is getting cooler - the days down to around twenty and overnight plummeting to maybe thirteen or fourteen. On freak days, cooler still. Even rain! Outrageous.

Consequently the heavy duty duvet is out as is the heater, slippers, woolly vest and fleece. Can’t find ma toorie bunnet anywhere.

Anne says I’ve gone soft.

In addition, whatever passes for equinoctial weather passed through the other night. The wind speed dial, which sadly hasn’t been turned on in many a month showed 38 knots, and that was after the peak.

And it was at the peak, as Time Bandit jerked and pulled at the dock lines that there was an almighty, strange popping noise.

Now, we are surrounded by dozens of South African Fur Seals and they pop, bark and belch all night. They have also taken to feeding on the fish sheltering under the hulls so we’re used to being woken by bangs on the hull. But this was new.

We’ve learned over the years not to ignore new noises so there we were, creeping about in the dark in our smalls, looking to see what the noise was all about.

Nothing up the east wing. Nothing up the west and nuthin’ in the cockpit. Hhmmmm.

Despite the knifing wind I ventured on deck for a look/see. And there at my feet was the source of the commotion. Our putting green was in tatters, ripped out at the roots by one almighty gust.

By day it’s actually to stop the searing South African sun eating away the trampoline such that one day during a sail change I simply disappear into the ‘oggin.

“Where’s he gone now?” I can already hear Anne saying in that tone of despair-cum-resignation developed over years of raising three small children and one adult.

Shivering, we lashed up the remains, scuttled back down below, fired up the heaters and got a perfect 10 diving back under the duvet.
Vessel Name: Time Bandit
Vessel Make/Model: Outremer 51
Hailing Port: Largs, Scotland
Crew: Anne and Stuart Letton
About: ex dinghy and keelboat racers now tooled up with a super sleek cat and still cruising around aimlessly, destination Nirvana...
Extra: Parked up in Cape Town, South Africa and exploring on two wheels..... when we should be doing boat jobs.
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Half scraped! Two more weeks to go.
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