A Timeless Odyssey

Allures 45 (a thing of great practical beauty)

Heading for a shorter sailing season

Booked flights to Catania, Sicily for mid-May. As usual we will spend a week putting the boat back in the water, servicing a few things and making sure all is in working order and shipshape. There was the possibility that we were not going to sail at all this Northern Hemisphere summer due to a work opportunity. That is still out there but start-up has been delayed. So if all goes to plan we will have 2 months in which to head for Malta and the Ionian. Busy pricing Ionian haul-out and plan A would be to leave the boat there in mid-July and then come back for Tayo's graduation and 21st and a bit of British summer. If we don't haul-out in the Ionian we may return to Marina di Ragusa. Watch this space and let us know if you plan to be close by, we love a bit of help and the company.