A Timeless Odyssey

Allures 45 (a thing of great practical beauty)

About to head out ....here we go....watch this space.

There has been a lot of preparation with more to come. We have a 4am kick-off tomorrow and a 06h15 flight out of Bristol. All going well, we put the boat back in the water on Friday morning. That is a bit of a quick turn-around but they don't put boats in the water over the weekend. So we should get the bottom jobs done and then slowly work on putting all the canvas, safety equipment, lifelines etc etc on the floating boat over the weekend. If we are lucky we will be ready to leave Monday or Tuesday and pick up the Surf African and Danish crew somewhere between Almerimar and Gib. This is the big one, down to Cape Verde and 14 to 17 days in the trades to St Lucia.
Lucky to be doing it, some trepidation and caution, no doubt some fun to be had and some challenges.....here we go....watch this space.