A Timeless Odyssey

Allures 45 (a thing of great practical beauty)

Lanzarote and Fuerteventura

Almerimar to Porto Santo and Madeira

About to head out ....here we go....watch this space.

A Passage to Malta and several days in Valletta

Greece Season 4 (Blog 5)

Greece Season 4 (Blog 4)

Greece Season 4 (Blog 3)

Greece Season 4 (Blog 2)

Greece Season 4 (Blog 1)

Ionian 2020 Blog 4 (27 October 2020)

Ionian 2020 Blog 3…… “The sea took my Vespa”…(12 October 2020)

Ionian Blog 2 (28 September 2020)

Ionian Blog 1 (September 2020)

Peloponnese Blog 6 (written much later)

Peloponnese Blog 5 (19 August 2019)

Peloponnese Blog 4 (9 August 2019)

Peloponnese Blog 2 (24 June 2019)

Peloponnese Blog 1

The 2019 short season about to kick-off

Eastern Med Blog 3, The Ionian (June 2018)

Eastern Med Blog 2 (May/June 2018)

Western Med Blog 11 (Pontine islands and southwards down the leg of Italy)

Western Med Blog 9 (Up the West Coast of Corsica)

Western Med Blog 6

Western Med Blog 5 (Magnificent Mallorca)

Mini-blog tester. Almerimar

Med Bound Blog 12 (The Algarve to the Spanish border)

Med Bound Blog 7

Med Bound Blog 6

Med Bound; Blog 5

Med Bound, Blog 4 (from Torquay)

Med Bound Blog 3

Med bound, blog 2

The Blog begins again; progress and setbacks

A video from Mike Cave

Baltic B-Log (8 August onwards, Göta canal)

Last stage of East Baltic by Veronica

Baltic B-Log (That delightful Krok place to Härsö)

Baltic B-Log (Stockholm, Vaxholm and onward to Krokholmsviken)

Baltic B-Log (Nynäshamn and bumbling through the rocks to Sandhamn)

Baltic B-Log to the morning of Monday 13 July (Gotland and Fårö, pronounced nothing like Tayo's boyfriend and fellow crew members surname)

Baltic B-Log 4 July

Baltic B-Log Day 23 (Kiel Canal)

Baltic B-Log days 15 and into day 17

Vee's Version on reaching Germany

Baltic first fortnight musings

Baltic B-log Day 7 and 8

Baltic B-Log Day 5 and 6

Baltic B-Log Days 3 and 4

Baltic B-Log Day 1 & 2

Water maker instalment 2

Planning for the Baltic cruise

Water Maker installation

The first year (before starting the blog page)