Time Warp

19 December 2011 | Seattle, Washington
19 November 2011 | Seattle, WA
28 September 2011 | Oak Harbor, WA
05 August 2011 | Oak Harbor, WA
01 August 2011 | Oak Harbor, WA
23 July 2011 | Oak Harbor Marina, Oak Harbor, WA
18 July 2011 | Oak Harbor Marina
15 July 2011 | Oak Harbor Marina
10 July 2011 | 350 nm off Cape Flattery
07 July 2011 | Somewhere out in the Big Pond
01 July 2011 | 37N; 153W
01 July 2011 | 36N; 155W
28 June 2011 | 29N; 157W
25 June 2011 | Poor Boyz Yacht Club, Ala Wai Yacht Harbor, Honolulu
22 June 2011 | Ala Wai Yacht Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii
21 June 2011 | Lahaina, Maui
11 June 2011 | 20.5N; 151W
11 June 2011 | 18.5N; 148W
11 June 2011 | 18.5N; 144W

Making the adjustment

01 August 2011 | Oak Harbor, WA
It has been a little over two weeks since Jim and I hit land (not literally 'hit', you numbskull!!). One week of that was taken up with Race Week. So I have been 'home' a total of ten days. It seems like a blur.

We got moved into our apartment....barely. We haven't gotten anything out of storage, so we are living out of boxes on the floor. It reminds me of 'The Godgather' when they talk about moving into flats and "going to the mattresses". Ruth has assembled an ecclectic collection of household items she has collected from the boat, friends, local shops and thrift stores and we are pretending to be 'home'. But it is physically tough.

Mentally we are fine. Living in Oak Harbor is much, much better than that urban jungle they call Seattle. So the call was a good one for transitioning.

The charter business has been ramping up well beyond expectations. So we are busy getting the boat ready for that. We have been blessed beyond our dreams with not only several charters, but charters from really cool people! I think I am really going to like this charter biz if the clientele keeps up with our first batch!
Vessel Name: Time Warp
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2
Hailing Port: Seattle, WA
Crew: Peter, Ruth & Will
Seattle-based crew out for 3-4 years. We'll start in the Med in Spring, 2009, visit the Caribbean, Panama Canal, So. Pacific, and eventually end up in Oz. After that? Who knows! Peter is an avid sailor and world-class racer. Ruth is learning to sail, and Will is a very good youth sailor. [...]

Who: Peter, Ruth & Will
Port: Seattle, WA