Mexico Bound

01 February 2009
19 January 2009 | Bara Lagoon
17 January 2009 | Simi Valley, CA
14 January 2009 | Between Bara and Manzanillo
12 January 2009 | Bara
05 January 2009 | Bara
01 January 2009 | Bara again
24 December 2008 | The Sands Hotel
23 December 2008 | Bara
22 December 2008 | Lagoon
21 December 2008 | SB
20 December 2008 | The Bay at Las Hadas
19 December 2008 | Manzanillo
18 December 2008 | Las Hadas to Santiago
17 December 2008 | Manzanillo
16 December 2008 | Mexico
15 December 2008 | Lagoon to Melaque
14 December 2008 | Lagoon and Melaque
13 December 2008 | Marina to the Lagoon
12 December 2008 | Bara Marina

Tommy Leaves Las hadas

01 February 2009
A Note from tommy reported he had been in Las hadas for about a week and was now leaving for points unknown....

Freedom... and a Watermaker

19 January 2009 | Bara Lagoon
Annie V & Tommy L

Tommy reports he was able to aquire a 4 gallon per hour watermaker and is installing it. This will provide the freedom to cruise around without having to come back to Bara as often for water.

Today he is off fishing with Chris on Heolani, we wish them luck for the "Big One"!

Ann is Home, Tommy sails on...

17 January 2009 | Simi Valley, CA
Annie V
Wednesday was a day on the boat in the lagoon, a few fellow cruisers dropped off mail to be sent on from the US, tommy did some work on the boat engine, then in the afternoon we took the bus to Melaque as Tom wanted to look for some electrical parts, then we joined Bev and Barry at La Casa Concha the third Palapa from the end of the beach for a while before taking the bus back to Bara.

Thursday evening we did Sunset with Bev and Barry and their friends from Alaska Chris and >>>>>>. We then went to dinner at Mexico Lindo's where we toasted with Champagen to the news that, Kristy my daughter, and her now Fiance Joe, have set March 13 2010 as their date for the wedding. Congratulations!

Friday morning, my departure day was sauna hot on the boat in the lagoon, Annie went into town to town to do some last minute gift shopping with Tommy. Got some beautiful plates, had lunch and went back to change and grab a water taxi in for a cab to the airport. The trip to the airport was uneventful, the alaskan flight left on time for LAX flying up the coast and turning in at Teneacatita to see the boats anchored there. We flew parallel to the coast all the way up, got some great pics of the caost, Pueto Viata, and the sunset.

My friend Gloria was there to meet me at the airport, traffic was heavy so we went home via Venice.

It is wonderful to be home, the Roscoe, dog and Da Pins, pinny gig, were happy to see me, the house and garden look wonderful. Doug and Jodine who satyed here had lost their home in a recent fire have done a wonderful job taking care of things. Roscoe has a new best friend in Doug, the two play so affectionately together.

? See Watland¿ = Cihuatlan

14 January 2009 | Between Bara and Manzanillo
Annie V

We had a separate day in Bara on Monday which was well needed. Tommy replenished the water, I replenished the groceries.
Tuesday we took a bus to Cihuatlan where we did a bit of shopping. On our return went and had dinner with Chris and Lorie, friends who live here part of the year from California and have the Catamaran Hiolani.

On the way we passed coconut plantations with and without cattle grazing under the palms, and bananna plantations.

Back in the Lagoon

12 January 2009 | Bara
Annie V
The time for my departure approaches fast.

I am looking forward to seeing my clients and friends and some alone time again soon.
Photo is of fishermen in the lagoon catching bait early in the morning.

Back for Water from Teneacatita

05 January 2009 | Bara
Annie V
Had another wonderful few days in the Teneacatita area. This time we saw whales as we came into T Bay after anchoring we took the dingy out to get a closer look at them and get some pics.
Dolphins escorted us in and played for a while around the boat, later we heard a dog barking on another boat and looked up to find him barking at the dolphins as they played around the deck he was on.

We took the adventure in the dingy trip up through the mangrove jungle to the little town of Teneacatita proper. Friends saw alligators on their trip, last week. We saw an iguana, lots of red crabs, blue and white herons and of course our friends the pelicans. Got some great pics, then on the way back, Tom almost did us in as we came out the river and into the surf... he was committed, heads down through the surf, we both got quite wet! The dingy stayed right side up for us. However nearby a panga lost its driver and rolled toward the shore. Driver and panga were soon reunited and upright.
Fortunately it was not too far back to the boat, where we rinsed off and hung everything with us out to dry.

Teneacatita is The home of the fabulous and famous Rollo: fish stuffed with shrimps and wrapped in bacon in a tortilla! There we provisioned with tomatoes, cilantro, papaya, cucumber and christophene. Had fried plantain one night with rum and sugar for desert! Mada a wonderful papaya, cucumber, onion salad last night. The fridge and freezer have been working well, all we really need is a watermaker, I hear there is a good one made in Trinidad I will have to look into when I am down for Davey┬┤s wedding in February.

The snorkeling has been wonderfully clear at the beginning of the week, I saw amongst other things a baby sting ray, about 8 inches across. Later in the week there has been a surge and swell in the bay causing things to get cloudy underwater.
Sunrises have been beautiful.
Vessel Name: Tis Magic
Vessel Make/Model: Cal 34
Hailing Port: Long Beach, Ca
Crew: Tommy Lewis & Annie Vance
Extra: The journey continues...

The Start Nov 28, 2008

Who: Tommy Lewis & Annie Vance
Port: Long Beach, Ca
Views along the way...
Taking time to relax!