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Winter - GAME ON!

20 December 2016 | Herrington Harbour South
Cold, Clear, Breezy
OK - Winter is here! I HATE the cold! The top still isn't finished! Old Man Winter brought us his first "freezing rain" event! It takes 2 hours to fill the water tanks! The transmission went out on the Jeep! The Admiral is in Florida (Lucky her)! BUT - We have so much to be thankful for?

The Musings:

Life's inconveniences: There are many inconveniences in our lives but we are thankful for the kind of life and the opportunities we have! There are no truly "dark" moments...just the little "ankle-biters" that help us understand and appreciate how awesome boat life really is. The events I used in my intro for this post are real but written tongue-in-cheek. There are lessons to be learned from them:

- Weather is an adversary worth planning for - even when doing the little things like laundry, grocery shopping...etc. Right now - we are at the dock (with a vehicle)...laundry should be easy right...well - this Saturday, I awoke with great intentions to wash clothes (at the marina laundromat) whilst accomplishing a few other simultaneous tasks...NOT...Old Man Winter put 1/4 inch of ice on the docks and it took me 4 hours just to trip back and forth (only 300 yds) to/from the washer/dryers for 4 loads! I fell twice - shame on me...then I dug out my slip on cleats (should have done that in the first place). The point easy task becomes hard when the environment goes to #$%&^!. Just imagine if we had to dinghy to shore...uuugh...NOT! That's why we have a washer/dryer on the boat!...we use the marina facilities because its faster!...and we CAN!

- Best laid plans of mice and men - Gang aft aglee: The new cockpit enclosure is dragging on and on and on...our contractor seems to find every excuse to delay another week! However - looking at the bright side of things - He is doing nice work and we fitted the top last week where he immediately hopped up onto it and walked across it like it was the Brooklyn Bridge...its is strong! So - we will tolerate our contractor's latencies for the sake of quality work - because he is doing a good job!

- The Water Tanks: Since the marina cut the water off to the docks (winter precautions/procedure) the hydrant we use is about 200 ft from our boat. No worries...200 ft of expandable problem - right?...well - Old Man Winter brings temps down...which makes our "stretchy hose" cold...which doesn't allow it to expand to full length...which required another 100 ft section...and OBTW...the cold make the hose diameter smaller so the water flow is reduced...hence - it take 2 hours to trickle water into the tanks. MAN! - I can't catch a break!

- Jeep Transmission: Well...once again - life's little 17 degree temps...the tranny bit it on the Jeep in the middle of beltway rush hour! Four hours later - I get towed...spend 5 days (wheel-less) while they locate and replace our transmission at a tune of $4,000.00!...OUCH! There goes the next "boat toy!"

- The Admiral is a pretty smart lady: She is the business side of our relationship so she does the "get er done" tasks that require business savvy. We are selling one of our houses in Florida; have investment, tax and legal business to attend to before we embark on full time cruising (all in Florida), she is visiting family, shopping for a retirement villa (for us when we get old) and getting ready to receive me for Christmas (I fly down shortly). Hind sight being 20-20...its been in the 70's and 80's there...and I am dealing with...oh well - each of has our relationship responsibilities, roles and strengths...we work VERY well as a team and I am grateful for the Admiral's talents and support...its just ironic she is nice and warm! too...soon!

Final Observations: The "so what" to all of is what it is. We make lemonade!...We plan to make lemonade! As long as I can drink it...we are OK! Sun Tzu said: "That which does not kill me - makes me stronger..." So be it! We are grateful for the freedom to do what we desire...even if life's little inconveniences get in the way. Pain is but weakness leaving the body! We will persevere and LOVE it!

What's next: A plane trip to Florida (Home)...and return to the cold (after New Year) - only 90 days to go before we slip the dock and graduate to full time cruising! Lots to do before then but... GAME ON!
Vessel Name: Take Me There!
Vessel Make/Model: GULFSTAR M53 Ketch
Hailing Port: Tampa, FL (Currently on the Chesapeake Bay)
We are a "Cruising Couple" on a Nor-East adventure currently residing aboard on the Chesapeake. We sailed up from Tampa, FL in 2014 to "experience" this area and visit with extended family up the East Coast. [...]
SV Take Me There! is a 1975 Gulfstar M53. A 53ft Ketch rigged, full keeled cruiser. She is well kept, surveyed, documented, insured and registered and fully loaded with the off-shore gadgets and draws just under 5 ft. She is a center-cockpit; fiberglass hulled; well powered by a John Deere 360 [...]
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