Cruising Aboard Tobias with Suzie and Kirby

After cruising from Maryland to Nova Scotia to Florida and then on to the Bahamas we returned to Maryland. Our wonderful TOBIAS is for sale and we are living on land in Charleston, SC. WHAT A WONDERFUL ADVENTURE WE HAD!!!

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Visit to Nassau

23 April 2007
On Monday Tanya and I donned our walking shoes and set out to explore Nassau. We walked and walked and walked until we could walk no more! From our Marina past the 2 bridges to Paradise Island with the Casinos, through cemetarys and on down to the tourist zone - with a Senior Frog's of all things past the Parliament Buildings - then up the hill to the Government Building and back to the marina.

I have posted some pictures in our Photo Gallery if you want to have a look.
So many of the public buildings are pink and white and very charming. We especially loved the Government Building at the top of the hill and the perfect Guard standing at the main entrance.

We were pretty done in by the end of our adventure but have wonderful memories of this old city.

Pictures Posted

22 April 2007 | Nassau
We didn't leave as planned so I have taken this opportunity to upload some of our pictures. If you want a look, go to the Gallery and click on Exuma II.

Next Chapter!

21 April 2007 | Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas
The picture above is taken from Tobias while we were at Pipe Creek in the Exumas. It was one of our favorite places and that is a good thing because we were there for a week waiting for weather - our favorite thing to do! The picture below is of a squall coming - also Pipe Creek. It was not the worst squall we have had but it did dump rain for a whole day.

Currently we are in Nassau on the island of New Providence. We didn't stop here on our way over in January as it just reminded us of Florida and we were ready to be done with that. Now we want some of that! We are at a marina, there is a big grocery store across the street and last night the four of us (Rick and Tanya and Kirby and I of course) had a wonderful dinner at The Outback Steakhouse. We are doing our final provisioning before heading back to Florida. I think I bought way too much food at way to much money but the choices were so wonderful!! After 4 months of old outdated food and not much of that, this was wonderful! It wasn't Publix or Albertson's but I had a good time anyway!

Tomorrow we will head to the Berry Islands and wait for weather again. It is looking like Tuesday and if the weather is good we will do an overnighter and be in Florida - SOON! And then I will have internet most days and my phone will work again.

We are ready for the next chapter!

Heading West

21 April 2007 | Nassau, New Providence
Picture of a storm coming in Pipe Creek.


09 April 2007 | Exuma Banks
Yesterday was a pure perfect day of sailing!

Pig Beach at Big Majors

09 April 2007 | Staniel Cay, Exumas
After Little Farmer's we took the 4 hour sail to Big Major's near Staniel Cay. We have been here a couple of times before as it is a favorite. Our sail was fantastic! Great winds and easy seas - just the way it is supposed to be.

One of the fun things here are the pigs! There is a family that lives on the beach and people go ashore to feed them. They get very excited and will swim right out to the dinghy - such pigs! We have seen them chase people too. (I won't go ashore with them!) And this spring there are 3 little piglets that are so cute.

We are slowly enjoying our final times in the Bahamas and will slowly work our way up to Nassau and then over to Bimini and Florida. We don't want to get there too soon as it will still be cold!

Little Farmer's Cay

09 April 2007 | Little Farmer's Cay
We left George Town with the good weather about the same time that Peter and Mary's plane took off on Thursday morning. The weather finally broke and we knew we better go before another storm rolled it. It was a full day to Galliot Cut and then on Friday we moved on to Little Farmer's Cay. We had been there last February but the weather wasn't as nice. Since it was Good Friday and everything was closed we just rested on the boat for the remainder of the day and then on Saturday we went ashore to explore.

We wanted to meet Jr., the wood carver so we set out to find him. He was home and eager to visit with us. He took us into his workshop but he was completely sold out for the season. His lovely hand carvings are sold all over the Bahamas so he is kept quite busy working in his chosen art field. He did have a perfect Conch Shell that he had cut special just for blowing so now I am the proud owner of that and will have to practice so I can compete with others blowing their Conch Shells at sunset. Then Jr. took us around his yard and introduced us to all his plants and fruit trees that I had never heard of before or seen the fruit of. All very different. Jr. said that he is 55 years old and looks so young because he eats right and lives the good life. He also told us that he has many grandchildren as he had his first child when he was 14 !

Peter and Mary Sanford Visit From Nova Scotia

09 April 2007 | Georgetown, Exumas
Peter and Mary arrived for their holiday in the Bahamas and the weather was bad almost the whole time. And not only that but Kirby and I were stuck on the boat with colds for most of their visit. Rick and Tanya kept them very busy with snorkeling, beach walking and exploring. We did get to visit with them the last day when we all hung out at the Peace and Plenty Hotel in George Town.

Still in George Town

02 April 2007
Everyone probably thinks that we have dropped off the face of the earth! Not quite! We had ten days of howling wind and Kirby had a bad cold so we stayed on the boat and I still don't have anything to write about but just wanted to report in that we are still in Georgetown.

The wind really was terrible. 25 - 35 knots every day, all day long and at night. I finally took to wearing earplugs at night as the wind would keep me awake. Today it is much more mellow and we hope to get into town.

Peter and Mary Sanford from Nova Scotia are visiting with Rick and Tanya aboard Auriga and we haven't even been able to party with them! Not fair as they are the company that we have been waiting here for. Maybe we will have a little time before they leave.

We will head north later this week and take our time retracing our steps back to Florida - probably landing at Lake Worth where we were the end of December last year. There is no telling how long it will take to get there as it all depends on the weather. Internet will be sketchy so I don't even know if I will be able to update the Blog. I will if I can!

Thanks to everyone for reading this Blog. It really means a lot to me to know that people are interested in what we are doing.

Clothing Optional

16 March 2007
Here is a picture Tanya took of Rick, Kirby and me before we realized that we had planned a lovely lunch and afternoon at the Nude Beach!

We set out this morning on a walk/hike around the island. There are quite a few nice trails and it was a bright sunny morning. We headed out to the north end of Stocking Island, walking along the water's edge. Suddenly out of no where appeared the cutest little "Tiki Bar" type of place. Someone had built benches and tables, a bar and palapa and even marked a trail to the "bathroom". There were lots of decorations like sea shells and decorated coconuts. We were really impressed and enjoyed reading the names of other cruisers who had visited and left there names on the benches.

We liked it so much that we decided to walk back to the boats, make a lunch and dinghy back with gifts to add, magic markers to leave our names with the others and Dominos to entertain us for the afternoon. We packed up some sandwiches and drinks, chips and dips and our Mexican Blanket that we always use for picnics and headed back to our new found "Treasure Island".

We landed our dinghies, put out anchors as the tide was coming in and headed to the little palapa. We had just begun to get settled, took some pictures and then saw another couple landing on the beach too. No problem as we enjoy meeting new people. We were all sitting under the thatch roof of the palapa when another couple arrived and greeted everyone and then he came around shaking hands and introducing himself! This nice man just happened to be start naked!

It seems that we had stumbled upon the Nude Beach of Georgetown!

Yup - Cruising is all about "Firsts"! And this was my first time at a nude beach. Wow, did we ever feel like we had a lot of clothes on. So many that we had to leave after just a few minutes! Darn, it was such a cute little spot! And we had such a nice afternoon planned. ( We decided NOT to leave our names on the bench!)

Monument Beach

16 March 2007 | Georgetown, Exumas
I took this picture from the top of the hill overlooking the anchorage at Hamburger/Monument Beach. You can see TOBIAS in the middle.

Report from Georgetown

08 March 2007
We continue to hang out in Georgetown where the days are about 80? to 85? - we can't complain about cold any longer! The days seems to just drift by as we visit with friends, go to town to shop, drink a few beers, walk on the beach, play cards and dominos and read good books.

The past few days the wind has been blowing pretty good and we have just stayed put on the boat. I really haven't minded but have had to make a point of exercising and stretching this old body! The weather should be improved by tomorrow and it will feel good to see some people again and get off the boat. Maybe a nice walk on the beach or at least a walk through town. And internet!! ( I miss everyone so much and love getting email - please write often!)

Last Saturday the local grocery store - Exuma Market - sponsored a health screening so both Kirby and I stood in line with the locals and other cruisers and gave our blood and had our blood pressure checked. We didn't score quite as good as we would like but it is not surprising when our lifestyle is so sedentary and we have such a hard time getting fresh produce. To say nothing of all the cocktail parties we have! That will change when we return to the states at the end of the season.

The Boys at the Beach

08 March 2007
Rick and Kirby at the beach.

Limestone Reefs

08 March 2007 | Georgetown, Exumas
The beach wasn't your normal swimming beach - there were too many reefs. But it was beautiful.

Clear Water in the Bahamas

08 March 2007 | Georgetown, Exumas
We went for a walk over the hill and to the other side of Stocking Island! Felt good to have my feet in the water.
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