Cruising in Greece

Sailing TB from the Villaine River in 2009 and now cruising Greece in 2011.

Vessel Name: Tobin Bronze
Vessel Make/Model: 35ft cold moulded plywood sloop
Hailing Port: Bristol
Crew: Peter and Judy Ward
Launched in 1985. After one year sailing in the Bristol Channel, TB has been sailed for 17,700 plus miles by Peter, Judy, Charlotte, Ben and Sofie - firstly based in Dartmouth and then in South Brittany. [...]
03 July 2016 | Agmar Marine Boatyard. Partheni, Island of Leros
30 October 2015
01 October 2014 | Kilada to Orei
25 November 2013
19 July 2013
26 June 2013 | Koilada
01 December 2012
01 November 2012 | Koilada
29 September 2011
10 September 2011
15 June 2011 | British Columbia, Canada
20 August 2010 | Ria de Vigo
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21 June 2017

Dodecanese Islands - Spring 2017

Judy and I arrived back at Leros airport at 08:15hrs on Wed 10 May 2017. We had a three and a half hour wait at Athens for the small commuter plane to Leros. A long wait but we enjoyed the views of various islands on the one hour flight to Leros. The boatyard had arranged for a hire car to be waiting [...]

03 July 2016 | Agmar Marine Boatyard. Partheni, Island of Leros

Orei to Leros, Summer 2016

Judy and I returned to Greece on 17 April 2016. Sofie and one year old Edith met up with us at Heathrow and we flew off together. We picked up a hire car at Athens airport and drove to Orei on Evia Island, crossing on the Arkitsas to Edipsos ferry.

01 October 2014 | Kilada to Orei

Summer 2014

19 July 2013

An Island Too Far.

For the first trip of the summer, I planned a nice little cruise down the west side of the Argolic Gulf, past Cape Maleas to north west Crete and along the coast to Iraklion. We were to meet up with Kevin and Lesley there and then continue the loop back to Koilada via Thira (Santorini) and Milos in the [...]

Vancouver Sailing Trip June 2011

15 June 2011 | British Columbia, Canada
Wednesday 01 June 2011
For several years, john had been threatening to take Roger and me sailing on his Hunter 29 which he has a share in and keeps at Thunderbird Marina in West Vancouver.

Roger and I departed Box at 10:00hrs by bus to Heathrow Terminal 5. We had a bit of a wait as we were pretty early but if we had caught the next bus from Box, any delays would have caused problems.
The BA Boeing 747 to Vancouver was fully laden and left 1 hour late as the maintenance people had to replace a navigation light.
As we arrived there were large cheers in the immigration hall as Vancouver Canuks scored a goal in the last seconds of the first game of the Stanley Cup ice hockey play-offs against the Boston Bruins. Roger and I were met by a rather officious young immigration officer - which was a bit of a surprise as most Canadians are usually very friendly and welcoming. The weather was overcast and 16deg C.
John and Pat were waiting for us and took us for a light meal at Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. Very nice & a great location. We stayed the first night in a large room in Sylvia Hotel. In bed by 10pm and I was awake by 0400. Dozed on and off until 0630. Roger in his inimitable style (he can sleep anywhere, anytime!) had a good night's sleep.

Thursday 02 June
Overcast and wet. The local forecast was for heavy rain. We had planned for a cycle ride around Vancouver but John gave us a tour around Vancouver by car instead.
John's boat, Derby Lass, is a Hunter 29. It is surprising roomy, well kitted out and was ready to go.
Departed Thunderbird marina, West Vancouver at 13:00hrs.

Sailing out of Thunderbird Marina
Look in the Photo Album 'Vancouver Sailing' for an enlarged image.
Thunderbird Marina: Departing.

Overcast and damp about 13 deg C. Mostly motored across Georgia Sound to Silva Bay on Gabriola Island, a very sheltered anchorage. Had to allow up to 30deg leeway because of the tide running to the south. Cold wet and overcast which was unfortunate as it was a lovely spot. Lots of flotsam and logs along the shore and in the water. Some deadheads must have been 7m long and 25cm in diameter. Definitely required a good lookout. Dinner on board.

Friday 03 June
After having breakfast disturbed by a float plane taking off, we went for a walk around Tugboat Island, belonging to the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.
10:30. Up anchor in bright sunshine but it was still a bit cool. Motored through Gabriola Passage with the current of 3 knots behind us. The current can reach 8 kts at maximum flood. At 12:30hrs the wind picked up enough to allow us to sail between Norway and Mowgli Islands along the south side of Secretary Island to Wallace Island. Saw a log boom. We dropped anchor in the snug anchorage at Princess Cove on Wallace Island. Went for a walk through the pine forests and were rather intrigued at the rock formations. By 15:20hrs we weighed anchor and sailed around to Ganges where we tied up to a pontoon on the public wharf. Ganges was very busy with float planes coming and going regularly. Someone described Ganges as 90% refugee hippies and 10% millionaires. I don't think I have ever been anywhere where there were so many 65 year old men with long grey hair tied in ponytails. Their wives (girlfriend, partners, whatever) were not so much flower power as wilted granny power. An interesting place!

Saturday 4 June
We departed Ganges at 09:45hrs on a warm sunny morning. The novelty of float planes had not worn off for me and I was still snapping away with the camera whenever one came into sight. Needless to say, I ended up deleting most of the photos I took as planes make boring photos. Also trying to take photos of seals sleeping on rocks is a frustrating task and usually were crappy photos.
We caught the south going tide (up to 2.3 knots) as we dodged ferries sailing into Sidney Spit where John had organised a roundevous with one of his buddies from his Calgary days. Sailing across the shallow sandbar into the anchorage we fouled a long floating line on a crab pot. Why do stupid effing fishermen use 30 metres of floating line to mark their lobster pot in max 5 mtres of water. Luckily we were going very slowly and were able to kick the gear box out of gear before fouling the line. We let out a bit of genoa and sailed into the anchorage to let go of the anchor. Fortunately, we were able to free the line with the boat hook. John, in a fit of generosity, released the nice looking crab that was in the pot. Before long, 79 year old Bryan turned up single handed on his 29 footer, Hedgemore, and came alongside.

Look in the Photo Album 'Vancouver Sailing' for an enlarged image.
79 year old Bryan single handed.

At 16:00hrs, we moved the couple of miles or so into Port Sidney, A rather swish (which also means expensive) marina. We then met up with Bryan and another of John's friends, Ivan, in the Rumrunner Inn to drink some beer and watch the second ice hockey game between Vancouver and Boston. Vancouver scored in the 10th second of overtime to win 3 - 2 and go 2 up in the best of 7 series.

Sunday 05 June
Departed Port Sidney Marina at 11:00hrs.
By 11:45hrs, we were sailing in light winds in company with Hedgemore around the bottom of Saltspit Island and heading north along the west coast.
Stopped for lunch at Musgrove Cove for an hour and then motored through Samsun Passage before finding some wind and sailing close hauled to Veservius on Saltspring Island. We tied up to the government wharf at 18:00hrs for $23.00 for the night. Bryan made some lethal martinis, Roger presented his famous risotto and John gave everyone in the cockpit a red wine shower.
Quite a memorable day.

Wine shower!
Look in the Photo Album 'Vancouver Sailing' for an enlarged image.
Don't spill the wine. Throw it up in the air instead.

Monday 06 June
Another bright and sunny day found us trying to sail in light winds before giving up and motoring across Stuart Passage to Chemainus where we once again tied up to a government wharf. A walk around the town, admiring all the distinctive murals on the buildings, preceded lunch and a short sail of 3.5nM back across Stuart Passage to Thetis Island.

Look in the Photo Album 'Vancouver Sailing' for an enlarged image.
Murals in Chemainus.

The evening was spent in the local bar watching Vancouver lose the third Stanley Cup play-off game.

Tuesday 07 June
Bryan and Ivan set sail south to return to Port Sidney while John showed us around the island. After visiting the holiday home John used to have on the west side of the island and dropping in on some of his old friends, we beat up Stuart Passage towards Dodds Narrows. Timing was crucial as the current runs at over 8 knots at mid tide. Slack water was at 14:45hrs and the current was still running to the south at 2 knots when we went through at 14:00hrs.

Dodds Narrows
Look in the Photo Album 'Vancouver Sailing' for an enlarged image.
Follow the leader through Dodds Narrows.

We headed towards the town of Nanaimo where we picked up a buoy off the National Park on Newcastle Island. We took the 30 min ferry ride across to Nanaimo in the evening and had an enjoyable meal in a restaurant alongside the marina. It was fairly cool after sunset coming back on the little harbour ferry.

Wednesday 08 June
We walked the circumference of Newcastle Island, which took a couple of hours, before crossing over to the harbour at Nanaimo to stock up on water and provisions. We then had a great sail across Georgia Sound to the lovely harbour at Gibson's Landing, bombing along at 6 knots. The young guys off the trawler, Lucy Lu, tied up behind us gave us some big fat juicy prawns. We then trooped off to Gramma's Bar beside the harbour to watch Boston Bruins tie the play-offs 2 - 2 by thrashing Vancouver Canuks 4 to nil.

Thursday 09 June
After topping up with diesel we sailed/motored in light winds across Howe Sound to Centre Bay on Gambier Island where The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club has another of their excellent outstaions on Alexander Island. The facility was deserted but we had an excellent lunch of fried prawns, courtesy of the Lucy Lu and John Q.

img src="" alt="Fresh prawns for lunch" />
Look in the Photo Album 'Vancouver Sailing' for an enlarged image.
Fresh prawns for lunch.

We then motored to another delightful spot at Snug Cove Marina on the east coast of Bowen Island. At dusk, we were treated to the sight of a sea otter staking out his territory on the outermost pontoon where we were tied up.

img src="" alt="Snug Cove" />
Look in the Photo Album 'Vancouver Sailing' for an enlarged image.
Snug Cove.

Friday 10 June
It was still overcast and cool on our last day as we motored the few miles back to Thunderbird Bay Marina. End of passage.
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