The story of Topaz Rival

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Looks like a boat now!

04 March 2020 | Totnes
Martin Whitfield
"Looks like a boat now", so said the crane driver at Baltic Wharf after lifting the mast back on Topaz Rival. New rigging all around the old mast, as well as a service for the furling mechanisms of both the mainsail and the genoa. Plus some new furling lines and a topping lift (more running rigging to follow). The new engine is now ready to be started after the exhaust was set up and a new Racor fuel filter (easy and simple maintenance) installed. Feels like real progress with the end in sight. Other minor things have been finished such as a salt water pump in the galley and a new engine water strainer. The single biggest item left on the list is the solar panel arch, half of which was in the shed and hopefully this will be set up next week after which the electrics and lifelines can be finished. The target is for a relaunch on 31 March as the tide times and depths, plus the Easter holidays, mean this is the last day available until 14 April. Keeping fingers crossed.

The new rigging is ready

Beta engine control panel. The box to the right is a waterproof USB point

These will be the new depth and wind instruments

For engine buffs, easy service Racor filter
Vessel Name: Topaz Rival
Vessel Make/Model: Rival 36
Hailing Port: Dartmouth
Crew: Martin Whitfield and Dawn Kelly
About: Plus dogs Buzz and Bonnie
Topaz Rival's Photos - Topaz Rival as purchased (Main)
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Topaz on her original berth: She has been here for 20 years or more
The quarter berth: No to sure whether to believe this, but was told this was the original plastic cover!
Instrument panel: The depth and autopilot work, not so sure about the GPS!
Bukh 36: I’m told that Bukh paint is first class. Well this engine is 29-years-old...
Survey lift shows keel shape: Topaz is the scheel keel version 1.5m draft
Rudder and skeg: As Tom Cunliffe says “a wholesome compromise between precise steering at sea, comfort, and athletic steering in harbour”. We’ll see about the latter...
Dirt and mould: An image of neglect
Deck: Nothing that a good clean can’t solve
Crazy portlights: There are 10 of these...
Winter refit at Baltic Wharf
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A selection of pictures from sailing in 2019
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Topaz Rival at or about the time of survey in December 2018
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