The story of Topaz Rival

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Sailing into Chichester Harbour

I've always admired those boat owners whom I have seen sail into Chichester Harbour and then follow the tide up river. Well today I became one of their number. Following a lovely downwind trip from Newtown Creek under genoa alone, I rode the tide all the way to West Pole, the entrance to Chichester. A swift gybe and then I continued sailing the few miles in the Harbour to Itchenor, with the tide pushing me upstream. A fantastic feeling as the sun came out and we moved easily on the breeze at five knots or more. It took a couple of goes to pick up the visitor's buoy but what a great day. I also experimented with towing the dinghy to avoid having to take it down only to put it up again a few hours later. With a bridle arrangement on two cleats it all worked well despite the dinghy catching the boat up a couple of times on the following waves. A total of 25.4 miles with less than half an hour under engine to get out of Newtown Creek and to pick up the buoy.


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