The story of Topaz Rival

Sailing adventures of one man and his dog. Please feel free to leave a comment!

It’s a dog’s life

Itchenor is idyllic. Beautiful harbourside location, wildfowl everywhere, footpaths to all locations, green fields, a working pier, facilities and a wonderful pub. But this week the green fields were filled with the sound of a very loud automatic bird scarer, much like a shotgun for those who haven't had the pleasure of hearing one. Starting at 5.10 am (or dawn as we know it) and then at 10 minute intervals (I timed it) the three shot rally continued until dusk (approximately 9 pm). Now Buzz is a dog who doesn't like fireworks, thunder or any loud banging noise. He registers his protest with the occasional woof and refused to walk along the pier or anywhere else, ears back, tail between the legs. So much for the peace and quiet of the countryside as we made frantic phone calls to any city marina willing to take us! Luckily, here we are back at Wicor Yacht Haven in Portsmouth Harbour. An almost equally idyllic location as Itchenor but no guns or bird scarers, just peace and quiet (so far!). PS Buzz is snoring quietly at my feet - the things we will do for dogs.


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