The story of Topaz Rival

Sailing adventures of one man and his dog. Please feel free to leave a comment!

Nous sommes en France

After three days in Jersey, we finally made it to France last night, arriving just before nine in the evening local time. Another bouncy sail across but we managed to sail a good 50 per cent of the 50 mile journey, motor sailing the remainder. Definitely not feeling like summer yet although we did manage to dodge the heavy showers that caught another boat that left Jersey about half an hour behind us. Delightful marina in Saint Quay with helpful and friendly staff, plus a free doggy bag of maps, refuse sacks and a shopping bag! Pays to come early in the season obviously. Tourist signs claim Saint Quay is the home of Coquille St Jacques, so we might put that to the test for dinner... If you look carefully in the picture below, you will see the Breton flag flying under the French tricolour. This brand new flag was on Topaz Rival when I purchased her and I feel sad that Mr Squires, the former owner, never got to use it and had so little use of such a beautiful boat.


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