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Not quite paradise

A couple of reviewers on Navily had described the anchorage at Caminha as "paradise". It did feel like that as after we had navigated the tricky entrance in a 25kt wind that sprung from nowhere, we anchored in perfect calm in five metres to a sandy bottom. Stunning beaches, shady woods and a bar and restaurant visible on shore. But then the wind moved with us and we spent a lively three or four hours of winds of between 20 and 30 knots. The maritime police, who called in their big dinghy to check us in as the wind dropped, told us the restaurant was closed but there were plenty more in town, a decent walk away. They were right, the main square in the town was surrounded by bars and restaurants and we walked back at dusk. Buzz was happy walking in the woods this morning and peace is all around. The reports of the tricky entrance mean we have the anchorage to ourselves.


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