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Sao Jacinto - near the trimaran

The complaints from those visiting Sao Jacinto mention the abandoned trimaran which is taking up space in the small(ish) anchorage. This boat must have been here a while as it is quite clearly seen in satellite images. For me it was a handy reference point as I came through the gap in the harbour wall, navigating through the channel. Obviously a popular place for multi-hulls as apart from me there are four catamarans anchored and no monohulls. The river entrance is lively - four knots of tide with me yesterday (it was springs) as I came in an hour before high tide. Thought it was going to be a perfect day on leaving Porto as I had a broad reach with 10-12 knots of wind, but half an hour later the wind died and I had to motor the rest of the way. Unfortunately although the wind disappeared, the swell did not and it was a rolly few hours. Easy to get ashore here, with a great bakery near the dock with a queue out the door this morning, complete with Sunday racing cyclists on their morning coffee stop.


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