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Top of the cliff

This is my second visit to Nazare, the old fishing village now more famous for big surfing waves. A German surfer holds the world record for riding the biggest wave (86 ft) here in Nazare. The big waves are not on the beach in the picture but on the other side of the cliff where they crash in direct from the Nazare trench, a deep subsea valley which brings depths of 1,500 metres very close to the coast. Like last time, Buzz and I climbed the 110 metres (360 ft) up the cliff to get the best view of the town, proving yet again that my leaky heart valve condition is completely asymptomatic. As you can see from the picture, there is no sunshine, the second cloudy and cold day in a row. It seems to me that there the cold weather keeps following me south. The harbour is at the top of the picture - you can see the entrance, which actually looks narrower than it really is. The crew of Belgian boat Maeva kindly let the harbour master know I was coming and on my own and he was on the dock to take the lines when I arrived last night. Looks like we are all staying for another day before moving off south again.


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