The story of Topaz Rival

01 December 2019 | Totnes
18 November 2019 | Totnes
08 November 2019 | Totnes
09 October 2019 | Totnes
03 October 2019 | Totnes
30 August 2019 | Bristol
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Boat with no name

01 December 2019 | Totnes
Martin Whitfield
The refit continues apace. And now Topaz Rival has no name. As part of the buffing up of the hull the old painted name on bow and stern have been removed ready for a new design. Topaz is now waiting for her Coppercoat anti-fouling which should be applied next week. The engine bay has been cleaned up ready for the new engine and the hatches and portlights have been removed and sent off to be reglazed and resealed. A new Lofrans Kobra electric windlass has been delivered together with 60 m of 8mm calibrated chain and 30m of 14m Anchorplait rode. The old Simpson Lawrance manual windlass will be making its debut on Ebay shortly with 40m of usable chain. I have also taken the Mantus chain hook and bridle off Knot Telling as it is also 8mm and should work well on Topaz Rival. We didn't think keeping it on the boat for sale would influence the purchase one way or another!

Ready for the new engine

Portlights away for reglazing

Inside the tent

18 November 2019 | Totnes
Martin Whitfield
The refit continues and Topaz Rival is now snug and warm inside a temperature and humidity controlled tent waiting for the new gel coat next week. In the meantime we have been talking to Nick (electrician) about where all the new bits of electronics will fit and the smooth coordination of the various specialists working on the boat. The philosophy of the restoration is to try and maintain as much as possible but at the same time bring Topaz Rival up to date without breaking the bank... Full details will appear later as the equipment is installed. It is expected that she will remain in the shed for a good few weeks (New Year at least) as all the portlights need to be reglazed.

Dave from Baltic Wharf inside the tent

Refit progress

08 November 2019 | Totnes
Martin Whitfield
The osmosis treatment is progressing well at Baltic Wharf and we now moving on to the next stage with estimates to come for:
Reglazing of all portlights and hatches
Revarnish wood stains around portlights
Installing a holding tank
Replacing manual windlass with electric
Stainless steel arch for solar panels
Lee cloths in the saloon
Clean engine bay
Checking all seacocks, water tank, cockpit drains, bilge pumps etc
Cleaning hull and removing old name paint

A big hole where the engine should be

Mast down, engine out

09 October 2019 | Totnes
Martin Whitfield
No time wasted in getting started on the refit with the mast coming down last Friday and the engine coming out on Monday. The plan is to get Topaz Rival in the shed for the osmosis treatment as quickly as possible. All the bits and pieces from the boat have gone in to storage in Totnes so all the lockers are empty.

Mast down ready for the osmosis shed

Portabote and Torqeedo

11 June 2019 | Bristol
Martin Whitfield
A bit of a treat to ourselves today with an upgrade to the dinghy and outboard. The dinghy is a secondhand Porta-Bote 8 feet version, which is actually just over 9 feet long and the outboard is a new Torqeedo 1103. We have had a Torqeedo 1003 for nearly 10 years - initially it gave us a lot of problems with error messages but a trip back to the factory in Germany in 2016 seems to have sorted that out. Anyway the 1003 has now been sold on eBay for a very good sum given that its age and I am looking forward to trying the new motor. I have seen and heard it working - almost completely silent compared to the whine of the 1003, but have yet to put ours in the water. The battery has three times to capacity of the old one. Was going to go down to Bristol docks today but the weather - wet, windy and cold - is not really the best for messing about on the river. The trial will have to wait until I go down to the boat in Dartmouth later this week. Watch this space.
Vessel Name: Topaz Rival
Vessel Make/Model: Rival 36
Hailing Port: Dartmouth
Crew: Martin Whitfield and Dawn Kelly
Topaz Rival's Photos - Topaz Rival as purchased (Main)
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Topaz on her original berth: She has been here for 20 years or more
The quarter berth: No to sure whether to believe this, but was told this was the original plastic cover!
Instrument panel: The depth and autopilot work, not so sure about the GPS!
Bukh 36: I’m told that Bukh paint is first class. Well this engine is 29-years-old...
Survey lift shows keel shape: Topaz is the scheel keel version 1.5m draft
Rudder and skeg: As Tom Cunliffe says “a wholesome compromise between precise steering at sea, comfort, and athletic steering in harbour”. We’ll see about the latter...
Dirt and mould: An image of neglect
Deck: Nothing that a good clean can’t solve
Crazy portlights: There are 10 of these...
Winter refit at Baltic Wharf
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Topaz Rival at or about the time of survey in December 2018
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