The story of Topaz Rival

27 August 2019 | Salcombe
25 August 2019 | Plymouth
24 August 2019 | Fowey
23 August 2019 | River Yealm
28 July 2019 | Dartmouth
27 July 2019 | Dartmouth
26 July 2019 | Brixham
12 July 2019 | Dartmouth
11 July 2019 | Weymouth
10 July 2019 | Lymington
09 July 2019 | Hayling Island
08 July 2019 | Gosport
07 July 2019 | Swanage
06 July 2019 | Lyme Regis
19 June 2019 | Noss
18 June 2019 | Dartmouth town
17 June 2019 | Swanage
17 June 2019 | Lulworth Cove
16 June 2019 | Portland
15 June 2019 | Weymouth

Moving again at last

25 September 2021 | Warsash
Martin Whitfield | F5 W
Nice though Lymington is (my favour South Coast marina), after a week even its attractions start to fade and the expense of staying among such posh facilities starts to add up. I won’t go into the story of the new propeller as that needs a separate entry all by itself, but suffice it to say, I am extremely grateful for all those at Darglow for making me not one, but two new propellers - I told you it needed a story on its own. Anyway, the journey east continued in brilliant Autumn sunshine and a F5 wind behind as I sailed on genoa only to the River Hamble and tied up at the River Authority’s visitor pontoon at Warsash. A change from the big marinas and great fun to watch the steam of yachts leaving in the morning and returning at night.

Clunk, blade falls off propeller

16 September 2021 | Lymington
Martin Whitfield | Sunny
As we were motor sailing across Christchurch Bay, there was a loud clunk and then vibrations from down in the engine. A quick check found that the shaft was vibrating over about 1,000 rpm. Nick (engine) suggested we may have got something wrapped around the propeller and to proceed very slowly until we could find out what was going on. Jonas, who had joined at Chapman’s Pool volunteered to dive down and have a look and found that the three-blade propeller was now only a two-blade option. A further dive armed with the Go Pro camera added pictorial evidence which was then sent to Bruntons who said the best solution was a new propeller. Not very happy about that as paid them nearly £500 to have the propeller serviced fully at the beginning of last year. Negotiations are proceeding and we are stuck in Lymington!

Under the cliffs

15 September 2021 | Chapman’s Pool
Martin Whitfield | F2N
A short hop from Weymouth left us anchored in Chapman’s Pool, just west of St Alban’s Head. Matt was quite keen to see the dinghy in operation and we went ashore to meet Jonas who had come down from London for the trip to Lymington today. Very steep dog walks up the cliff. A very peaceful location and a starry night.

We go racing

14 September 2021 | Weymouth
Martin Whitfield | F4E
We met up with Joan, who sailed down from the UK to Portugal with me last year and who also happens to live in Weymouth. Over last winter she has acquired a Hanse 31 which she races as part of the Weymouth Sailing Club. As it happens she was racing in the last evening race of the season and asked Matt and I if we would like to come along. So we joined Joan and friend Christine for a lively sail around the cans in about 20 knots of wind! Great to see Joan again and do a little proper sailing.

Topaz Rival comes to the rescue

13 September 2021 | Weymouth
Martin Whitfield | F2W
A big adventure yesterday as Topaz Rival responded to a Coastguard call to come to the rescue of a 31 ft sailing boat anchored in Lulworth Cove. The boat had a broken gearbox and could not move forwards or in reverse. Their anchor was also starting to drag. They were asking for a tow to Portland Marina for repairs. We were just approaching Weymouth and were about six miles from Lulworth. No other boats answered the call so we diverted to the cove. The plan formulated en route was to pull them alongside out of the narrow entrance to Lulworth and then astern on two bridles until near Portland where we would reverse the process to put them on the pontoon. Amazingly all went smoothly and we were lucky that the previous owner of Topaz Rival had left a long line perfect for the tow with a spliced loop in one end to which we attached our anchor bridle and a spliced plastic eye in the other for the rescue boat to thread its bridle. First time I have ever towed another boat but Matt and I agreed it was a good way to spend the afternoon (very little wind and a calm sea). Afterwards a rewarding drink in Weymouth courtesy of Galatea's owners who also made a small donation to the RNLI. Great fun!

Waiting for the tide

11 September 2021 | Bridport
Martin Whitfield | F2W
We stopped in Bridport to wait for the right moment to get around Portland Bill with the tides. Much busier than my last visit in 2018 and still full of holidaymakers. Everyone in the south west has a dog! Had a couple of pints in the local pubs and listened to the tennis on the radio.
Vessel Name: Topaz Rival
Vessel Make/Model: Rival 36
Hailing Port: Dartmouth
Crew: Martin Whitfield
About: Plus dog Buzz
Topaz Rival's Photos - Topaz Rival as purchased (Main)
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Topaz on her original berth: She has been here for 20 years or more
The quarter berth: No to sure whether to believe this, but was told this was the original plastic cover!
Instrument panel: The depth and autopilot work, not so sure about the GPS!
Bukh 36: I’m told that Bukh paint is first class. Well this engine is 29-years-old...
Survey lift shows keel shape: Topaz is the scheel keel version 1.5m draft
Rudder and skeg: As Tom Cunliffe says “a wholesome compromise between precise steering at sea, comfort, and athletic steering in harbour”. We’ll see about the latter...
Dirt and mould: An image of neglect
Deck: Nothing that a good clean can’t solve
Crazy portlights: There are 10 of these...
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