Tortue's voyage

Tortue de Mer, in Greece and beyond!

Vessel Name: Tortue de Mer
Vessel Make/Model: Jeantot Marine, Privelege 39
Hailing Port: Sete, France
Crew: Michael Karamanof et al.
14 June 2021 | Oporto, Portugal
02 June 2021 | Ponta Delgada
08 May 2021 | Phillipsburg
08 May 2021 | Phillipsburg
05 May 2021 | Le Marin
03 May 2021 | Lamentin
03 May 2021 | Ste Anne / Le Marin
22 April 2021 | Anse a l’ Ane, Martinique
17 April 2021 | Anse Couleuvre, Martinique
16 April 2021 | St Pierre, Martinique
15 April 2021 | Fort de France
11 April 2021 | Anse a l’ Ane
09 April 2021 | Grande Anse d’ Arlet
30 March 2021 | Le Marin, Martinique
28 February 2021 | Anse d’ Arlet
31 January 2021 | Marina Etang Z’abricots, FDF, Martinique
31 January 2021 | Cape Town, SA
31 January 2021 | Karavas, Kithira, Greece
01 July 2020 | Fort de France
27 June 2020 | Le Marin, Martinique
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14 June 2021 | Oporto, Portugal


Saturday the 12th we arrived in Porto, limping on one engine again and weather-beaten after 30 hours of stormy weather. Everyone recovered quickly and the good memories remained, the nice mackerels and the bonito we caught, the humpback whale, who kept us company for half an hour, the daily, multiple dolphin visits, the great food and drink we shared! Nearly 900 miles, unforgettable!

02 June 2021 | Ponta Delgada

Across the pond

Well, it took me a couple of wound-licking days to get myself to update the blog... 20 days, just Hans and I, long watches, storm SW of the Azores with 40kn winds and monster waves, not one fish caught, nearly ran out of diesel, but ate well, sailed well at times, read 4 books each and lived an adventure, unforgettable! Arrived in Ponta Delgada on the island of Sao Miguel on Saturday and we’re stuck on the quarantine pontoon the first and our last night with Hans, had to order takeaways! Friendly people, reasonably priced, good food, missing the Caribbean, but Europe has its plusses! Anyhow busy repairing our trampolines, which were damaged during the storm and also a diesel leak at our stb tank and waiting for my next partners in crime, the team from Basel, tonight. The trip to Porto is not short, but I am looking forward to enjoying it in good company!

08 May 2021 | Phillipsburg

Sint Maarten

Last comms before leaving Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten, and a beer served in a bar after 1,5 months! Looking forward to the trip.

08 May 2021 | Phillipsburg

Sint Maarten

Last comms before leaving Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten, and a beer served in a bar after 1,5 months! Looking forward to the trip.

05 May 2021 | Le Marin

Ready to go!

Doesn’t look like it yet this morning, but we are leaving later today. Don’t expect much blogging in the next weeks, wish us fair winds and a safe passage!

03 May 2021 | Lamentin

Pfizer BionTech no 2

Nearly forgot the most important update from yesterday, our second shot was administered and we are supposedly protected now, but -above all- easier to travel!?

Changing plans, a constant!

20 June 2020 | Ste Anne
Michail Karamanof | Windier and humid
Well, Panama being closed for flights and the rest of the Caribbean slowly opening, we didn’t want to risk getting stuck in Panama. Also without friends/crew being able to arrive as planned, it’s getting increasingly difficult to move forward... Thus the alternative plan is to get to Grenada, secure the boat for the tropical storm season and return to Europe and SA till the end of the year, hopefully after all the corona peaks!? We have meantime a new Genoa furler, a new gooseneck for our trusted boom and a boat in very good general condition. Apply here or by email for crewing on the next leg(s)! 😎 Our last days on Martinique, one of our Caribbean homes, we are spending diving, fishing, fixing, cooking and eating scrumptious meals, watching Black Sails and sampling various rums amongst other activities. By far not bored, but frustrated that the virus had the last word in our plans...
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