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03 June 2023
03 June 2023
01 June 2023
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30 May 2023
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Ben Nevis on a summer day.

05 June 2023
For the past 2 days we havent needed the heater to warm the cabin after waking and preparing coffee as high pressure dominates Scotland weather. Conditions aren't great for sailing, but make for great mountaineering. Ben Nevis ranks as the tallest mtn in the UK at 4,413 ft above sea level. After pushing for 2.5 hours to reach the summit followed by a sandwich, photos and the descent on old knees, I believe it was a perfect day which provided awesome views. Snow fields near the summit have not completely melted and it was fun to kick step up and heel step down.

Loch Linnhe to Ft William

04 June 2023
Will be in beautiful Ft William tonite. Plan to do some hiking tomorrow (Ben Nevis) then transit the Caledonian canal.


03 June 2023
Replaced leaking oil seal for the crankshaft pulley/external balancer at the front of the Yanmar engine crankcase. I had phoned a local mechanic several days ago who agreed to loan me a puller for removing the counterweight and also phoned a marine parts store in Southampton which arranged for the seal to be delivered to the marina ahead of our arrival. All went smoothly and the job was done within about 2 hours of our arrival in Oban. A near miracle. Unfortunately, the Norway chart card didn't make it yet so we may wait till Monday and see if it arrives. Saw a minkie whale while sailing down the sound of Mull today from Tobermory.

Sound of Mull to Oban

03 June 2023
After a night to remember, we got off the dock at 0630 to catch the tide to Oban. Glorious weather.

Loch na Droma Buidh

01 June 2023
A quet, well protected spot to spend the night bedore heading to Tobermory for my 60th birthday celebration with friends from Ardrossan on their Hanse 37 named Stark and Dormy.

Hauling a.. downwind towards Oban

31 May 2023
Seeing the inside route is visually stunning beyond words. A wee leak from the front of the Yanmar has started, and slinging oil is a no no.So, oil seal ordered and to be delivered along with the chartplotter card all to arrive Oban this week.....hopefully.
Vessel Name: Tracen J
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft 44
Crew: Charlie and Karen
About: Cruising since 2013 after several years of sailing J24s on the Texas circuit.
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