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Antigua to Annapolis 2020

02 August 2020 | Annapolis MD
31 July 2020 | Chesapeae Bay
30 July 2020 | Atlantic Ocean
29 July 2020 | Atlantic Ocean
28 July 2020 | Atlantic Ocean
27 July 2020 | Atlantic Ocean
26 July 2020 | Atlantic Ocean
25 July 2020 | Atlantic Ocean
24 July 2020 | Atlantic Ocean
23 July 2020 | Atlantic Ocean
22 July 2020 | Caribbean Sea
17 November 2019 | Caribbean
16 November 2019 | Caribbean Sea
15 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
14 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
13 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
12 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
11 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
10 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
09 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean

Safe Arrival

02 August 2020 | Annapolis MD
Mike Miller
Arrived yesterday and docked without incident. So ends another passage - this one was blessed with phenomenal weather. Looking
forward to the next trip.

Anchored tonight

31 July 2020 | Chesapeae Bay
Mike Miller
We're in Chesapeake Bay and all cleared in through customs. I'm trying to make the Potomac River by sunset to anchor. If I do that, I'll
make it to Annapolis tomorrow afternoon. I got perhaps an hiurs of sleep last night and don't mind saying I'm pretty tired. Gotta make it
throughanother 8 hours and then I can sleep straight through for the first night in a while. The winds aren't all that great so we're motoring
against a slight current so it's possible I won't make it. We;ll see. Hopefully the next post will be the last for this passage.

Last full ocean day

30 July 2020 | Atlantic Ocean
Mike Miller
Wow! The price you pay for good wind! Last night there was a pretty good squall about every hour. The last one, just before dawn had
30 knot winds along with a 90 degree wind shift. When it left it took ALL the wind with it and I ended up motoring for a couple of hours to
get out of that mess. As sun as the sun came up, the clouds parted, the angels sang... another glorious day with 20 knot winds and clear
blue skies. The only fly in the ointment is the ship's compass. It, shall we say, wanders from time to time. Obviously, a bit disconcerting,
especially when entering relatively restricted waters. I think I just need to recalibrate it but it's too rough out here and will have to wait until
we're in the Bay. It's about 140 miles to the channels marking the approaches to Chesapeake Bay and I expect to arrive there tomorrow
morning, around 8AM at my current speed. That's about 10 miles from the Bay Bridge-Tunnel which means I should be entering
Chesapeake Bay around 10AM tomorrow. From there it's about 120 miles to Annapoilis but I generally do not travel in the bay at night and
plan to anchor at night. If I'm able to continue making this speed (doubtful, the forecast is for little or now wind) then I'll arrive in Annapolis
some time on Saturday; otherwise, on Sunday.

Getting Close

29 July 2020 | Atlantic Ocean
Mike Miller
The wind is now 20 knots out of the SW, just about perfect. Sometimes there's an issue crossing the Gulf Stream with a good breeze but
SW is the best possible direction so it won't be a problem. We're making 8-9 knots right now. It's overcast and there are frequent squalls,
comes with the nice wind I guess but I have to stay my your toes as I'm pushing the boat a little. At this speed (9) we'll be there tomorrow
night but more likely we'll enter the Bay early on Friday. That being the case, I might make it most of the way up the bay on Friday and
arrive in Annapolis on Saturday.

Interesting Day

28 July 2020 | Atlantic Ocean
Mike Miller
The day started off the same as before, motoring with no wind and progressively hotter as the day progressed. As forecast, the wind has
started increasing, it's now at 10 knots and we're sailing with all sails set and making good speed (6.5kts). This is good but we started
sailing because I noticed the oil pressure on the engine was very low. Turns out it's not really a problem with the oil pressure although it
was down .25L but more likely with the sending unit per my trusty Nigel Calder book on diesels where he specifically calls it out for my
engine. Checked it out pretty thoroughtly because I'm gonna need it in the Bay. Good thing too, because the fan belt was just about to
fail, probably would have failed as I approached the dock. I'll fix that later on after it's cooled off. The other interesting thing is that while
messing about with the sails, I found the dreaded piece of bent metal on the deck. Sigh, it looks a little like it might be an axle for a block,
it's bent and a little rusty. It looks almost like the shell casing of .22 bullet but I've never had a gun aboard. I've no idea what it's for and
sincerely hope it's not really important. Never a fun thing to find. I think I'll save it and drop it on the deck of a boat whose captain is
annoying. LOL!

Wind, hah!, who needs wind

27 July 2020 | Atlantic Ocean
Mike Miller
There's no wind, none at all, zero, nada. The water is glassy smooth with slight mounds for swells. So although the sails are up, we're
motoring. This should continue for another day I think and then I'll get good wind again. Should be SW at 15-20 by the time I get to Cape
Hatteras. Making good time for all that, around 7 knots so I expect to get to the mouth of the Chesapeake on Friday and Annapolis on
Sunday. Oh, and did I mention it's hot. Really hot! And humid. But DOLPHINS! Wow, I love dolphins. They make this heat bearable but
sadly there are no dolphins. At least I got you and I both thinking about dolphins for a few seconds. It felt infinitesimally cooler for just a
Vessel Name: Traveller
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 47
Hailing Port: Phoenix, AZ
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