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Antigua to Annapolis 2019

17 November 2019 | Caribbean
14 November 2019 | Caribbean Sea
14 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
14 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
13 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
12 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
11 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
10 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
09 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
08 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
07 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
06 November 2019 | Chesapeak Bay
02 November 2019 | Chesapeak Bay
02 November 2019 | Annapolis MD
07 June 2019 | Chesapeake Bay
06 June 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
04 June 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
03 June 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
02 June 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
01 June 2019 | Atlantic Ocean

We Arrived!

17 November 2019 | Caribbean
Mike Miller
We picked up a mooring ball in Deshaies, Gudeloupe about 3 hours ago. We've spent the intervening 3 hours tearing the boat apart
looking for the fuel line to the dinghy which I put in a "safe place".. After destroying the inside of the boat we found it in a deck locker
(outside the boat).. You would think our problems would be over. Alas, the f#84ing dinghy engine won't start. I spent the last two hours
playing around with it but it won't run for more than 2 seconds. Very frustrating to end an otherwise wonderful passage but there it is.
Hopefully, I'll have better luck with it tomorrow morning. We're close enough to row in very easily but Jolly Harbour will be another story
entirely. Anyway, the plan is to leave here tomorrow.

Almost there

14 November 2019 | Caribbean Sea
Mike Miller
We're 145NM north of Guadeloupe and barring unforeseen problems, we will arrive tomorrow afternoon. Today was a nice relaxing day,
we were visited by dolphins twice. Yesterday we dined on fresh caught Mahi Mahi. Now looking forward to anchoring tomorrow and
getting a full nights sleep.

Still Sailing

14 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
Mike Miller
We still have generally northerly winds between 10 and 15 knots! I expected that we'd be battling the trade winds by now but it looks like
either fair or no winds for the remainder of the trip. The wind instrument which was replaced just 5 days before I left keeps tripping offline
so it's hard to know what wind strength is but we're making good time without straining at all. We're about 330 miles from Deshaies which
at this speed would have us arriving on Sunday. We'll likely stay there Monday to rest and then head to Antigua Tuesday morning.

A little drama

14 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
Mike Miller
Both the large Alternator AND the engine decided to go down nearly simultaneiously last night at 3AM. Luckily there was absolutely no
wind and the seas were quite calm making repairs easy to effect. We were back underway, better than ever by dawn and all is well.
We're south of Key West at this point and it's feeling very tropical.

Bathing Suit Weather

13 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
Mike Miller
It seems awfully warm, in the high 80's but the weather's nice and the seas are pretty calm so sailing is good except for the lack of fair
wind :). At the moment, we're making easting slowly in light winds from the South. We should be motoring but a bolt on the alternator
broke and I'm waiting for the engine to cool off to fix it. In a few hours we'll be back to heading SE, still on track for arrival in Guadeloupe
on Sunday.

Perfect Day

12 November 2019 | Atlantic Ocean
Mike Miller
The day dawned clear, warm and fairly calm with 15 knot winds. We set all the sails and have been comfortably cruising at abour 8 knots
all day. It's a nice break from the largely overcast, windy days with much rougher seas. We're about at the same latitude as Boca Raton,
FL. Of course conditions like this don't last and this stuff is already dieing out. I expect we'll be motoring by the end of the day.
Vessel Name: Traveller
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 47
Hailing Port: Phoenix, AZ
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